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Beer Pong Gets Upgraded, LeBron's Epic Twitter Open Forum, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Awesome inventions, man-tastic news, and, as always, gorgeous women, up ahead!
by Mars Salazar | Jul 31, 2015
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Make sure your August is off to a good start by getting your fill of essential man knowledge! We’ve got awesome inventions, man-tastic videos, and a host of gorgeous women to tide you over until the next week. Get reading for all the things every man must know this week!

We here in FHM believe that there’s no such thing as too much beer pong innovations. Introducing Mountain Pong, which adds some spice to your run-of-the-mill beer pong game with elevated cupholders. More levels, more beer, more fun!


In case you need a reminder, hunting animals for sport will never be cool. Especially majestic endangered creatures like lions and elephants. So don’t be like Walter James Palmer, an American dentist and full-time douche who hunted down Cecil, a protected lion in Zimbabwe, just so he can have another trophy for his living room. Not cool, man.

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Even THE Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks shooting protected animals isn’t cool. And that’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, folks! If he says you’re doing something wrong, you’re really doing something wrong.

15 things a man must know

In a battle between Katniss Everdeen and Jon Snow, who do you think will win? Check out this awesome fan-made trailer and tell us who you're root for!

Video via David Elmaleh

Celine Dion’s "My Heart Will Go On" is the last thing you’ll expect to hear at a Steve Aoki gig, but lo and behold, the man dropped a Titanic-themed remix at Tomorrowland 2015, much to everyone’s delight. See for yourself!


We all know that Kate Upton possesses two of the most amazing breasts in the whole wide world, but did you know that she also has a butt you can easily bounce a coin at? You can’t see it too clearly with all the cloth covering it, but it’s hard to miss those two, er, golden globes. Bravo, Kate.

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15 things a man must know

Hate that your girlfriend spends 10 hours in the bathroom just to take a bath? Here’s an invention guaranteed to keep her routine short and sweet: A shower curtain that spouts inflatable spikes after a few minutes. She’ll probably withhold sex for like a week in exchange for the heart attack it’ll give her, but the fact that you now have a bit more time to spend on more important stuff will definitely be worth it!

15 things a man must knowImage via

Need some nightmare fuel? Here’s Sansa Stark making out with some dude in a Tyrion mask at Comic-Con. Sweet dreams, bros.

15 things a man must knowImage via

A lush beard can add infinite man points to any guy, but even if you believe it makes you look like the most testosterone-fueled creature on the face of the planet, a little change can be good sometimes. Check out the reactions of this dude’s loved ones when he shaved his beard after 14 LONG years.

Video via Art of Advertising

Click here for more details on his "transformation."

LeBron James just endeared himself to his legions of fans a bit more by holding an open forum on Twitter where he responded to everything from questions about his favorite movies (40 Year Old Virgin), celebs he’d want to star in a movie with (Vince Vaugh and JLaw) and money requests. Good move, King!

15 things a man must know

Guess who also looks good in a bikini? Former Hannah Montana sidekick Emily Osment, who apparently has quite a body to die for. Check her out!

15 things a man must know

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