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Playboy Bunny Slaps Justin Bieber, A New Call Of Duty Game Trailer, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Read on for a fresh dose of man knowledge!
by Mars Salazar | Oct 2, 2015
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Amazing dads, gorgeous women, the latest installment of Call of Duty...and did we mention the hot women? Yep, gents, it’s time for a new edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Read on for a fresh dose of man knowledge, gents!

Prepare for some feels: Todd Bachman was walking his daughter Brittany down the aisle when he stopped in the middle of the procession to grab Brittany’s step-dad and let him walk their child down the aisle together. Pass the tissue, man.

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Heneral Luna
has grossed P172,347,581 as of September 30 and has made history as the highest-grossing historical Filipino film of all time. Congratulations to the Artikulo Uno team!

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Super hot Playboy bunny Sarah Harris allegedly slapped Justin Bieber for copping a feel of her boob at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. Yes, how dare you, Justin!

Image via Sarah Harris's Instagram page

When (or if) we grow up, we’d like to be like Eric Strong, a super dad who built an amazing bed—complete with a slide, a secret room, and multi-colored lights—for his kid. Can he be our dad too?

How would you feel if you requested for an Uber car and got picked up by a fancy-ass McLaren? Would you also, as one lucky dude say, "get a freaking orgasm?"

This video of pickup lines from around the world will have you rolling your eyes at how dweeby some members of our species are. Can you think of something for the Philippines?

So the Internet got a bit too excited over this photo of two bartenders perving over Scarlett Johansson, and honestly, we can’t blame them. We’d probably look like that too if we even catch a glimpse of ScarJo’s shoulder!

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Did you know that Bono has a gorgeous daughter named Eve Hewson? Like, really, really, really gorgeous? Yeah, we didn’t know either, but now we do, and we’re just as amazed as you. Check her out!

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In case you’re not following Taylor Swift on Instagram, she just performed "Hot In Herre" with Nelly and the Haim babes during the San Louis leg of her 1989 tour, and damn, was she fiiine. Girl’s behind ain’t getting bigger, but we still appreciate her booty-popping efforts.

HOT IN HERRE @derrtymo feat @haimtheband Yes we made up a dance yesterday in the dressing room.

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

The new trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III is looking really, really good. Yep, we're definitely saving up for this baby!

A flight attendant made a whopping £1,500 per flight (that’s around, oh, just P106, 174.69) for offering to have sex with thirsty passengers who want to join the "mile high club." Man, that's a lot of dough!

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s current squeeze Kelly Rohrbach made a golf instructional video, and seriously, we’ve never been this interested in the sport before. You’re one lucky man, Leo.

We love a girl who’s very in touch with her sexual side, and that’s exactly why we love Ellen Adarna. "If ever nag-quickie raw kami, well, so?" she said in response to rumors that she had sex with Paulo Avelino. You keep doing your thing, girl.

We love the Philippines, but it sometimes gets depressing to live here after knowing just how good other countries have it. Case it point: Sweden, which is shifting to six-hour workdays. Imagine—SIX HOURS. And you thought eight hours was good enough!

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To be filed under "things you didn’t need to know, but are interesting nevertheless": Kendall Jenner has a nipple piercing. Wow, you go girl, but...damn, that must’ve hurt!

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