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FHM 150th Issue Contest: Final List of Winners!

by Mikey Agulto | Feb 6, 2013
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FHM nation, we just gotta tell you: It's been really awesome seeing y'all work hand in hand with us the past couple of weeks. We kicked the new year off by launching the FHM 150 microsite. Dissected FHM issue number one. Listed the 30 sexiest women we've ever met while on the job. Cited the many trends that got us talking all these years. Came up with our very own greatest hits. Vouched for our own big reads. Broke autograph signing records.

And then we treated our first five contest winners to a street steak and oyster meal from Murray's New Orleans Bourbon, and followed it up by giving the next batch a pair of victory party tickets. During said party last week, we all tried our darnest to mingle with the best of them geniuses, supermodels, icons, and holier than thou cover babe Marian Rivera. Man, did we see each other a lot back in January, yes?

Today we formally put a cap on our 150th issue by selecting the final batch of FHM 150th Issue Contest winners! As promised, the top five commenters will receive a one year magazine subscription from FHM Philippines. Read on and find out if you're one of the lucky ones for our January 31, 2013 screening!

FHM is like The Bro Code (How I Met Your Mother) meets The Book of Love (American Pie). It is the ULTIMATE man's guide. It's like The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy only Hitchhikers here equals MEN and the Galaxy is equal to the UNIVERSE. Growing up in a conservative Muslim country, certain topics or information was not available to me during my adolescent period, a stage very crucial to a boy becoming a man's life. Luckily as I was in the "coming of age" stages of my life, I moved here to the Philippines. FHM became my guide to what every man should know to keep up with today's life. From Girls, to Movies, to Mature Topics, to Cars, to Sports, to Music, to Books, or even Video Gaming news, FHM was always there to update me, and provide entertainment as it does it too. Thank you FHM! To me, the M does not only mean magazine, it also means Mentor. Kudos for reaching 150! Keep up the good work!

tamago (78.67)
FHM represents the 7 Deadly Sins: Pride - Proud to be part of a community that appreciates hot and beautiful women around the world, and proud to have been able to make out with one of them *ahem ahem* And nobody can take that away from me. Sloth - Laying on the couch or in bed and browsing through my favorite magazine sure beats doing house chores. And if I'm done with the rag, I would buy either a book or a DVD featured in the mag and see what the fuss is all about. Envy - I get jealous about a lot of things when it comes to this rag: 1) The Summitmedia staff and photographers who get to be around these hot girls; 2) the mostly cool-looking clothes featured that I want but I can't afford; 3) the awesome gadgets and vehicles that I also can't afford; 4) getting passes to events that I can't attend; 5) aside from the girls, FHM also gets to interview famous people we'd only get to see on TV or see from a distance. Sama naman ako sa susunod, chief Allan :) Gluttony - When I'm done with an issue, I'd shout WWE wrestler Ryback's catchphrase, "FEED ME MORE!" Ulam kasi ang mga babae ninyo. Greed - As a straight guy, is it wrong to want all of these hot girls for myself? Libre naman mangarap... Lust - Whenever I see a provocative pose in the mag, I get that warm, fuzzy feeling... Wrath - ... then "he" gets angry.

Chard45 (76.00)
I breathe and live FHM! FHM is a reflection of who I am as a person, my culture and attitude! FHM is a way of living, my way of life!!! Fierce, liberated and Strong!!! There were many obstacles and detractors along the way, many tried to duplicate FHM but it was never been replicated! How many Menâ??s magazine come and go but FHM is still here alive and kicking! And still number one!!! I've been collecting FHM since the first issue from my college days thru my savings! Like me, my FHM collection endured the tests of time: my company for exam review breathers, lost or stolen copies (taken home by dorm mates), typhoons, floods, and having no work (no money then sold my CD collection just to purchase a current issue). FHM is all about Perseverance. FHM is the epitome of goodness, the essence of being a man. There is nothing that brings me joy and excitement for my anticipation on every end or start of the month to have the new issue. My FHMs are like your best buddies that wonâ??t let you down and always makes you happy when you read them. I can truly say that my FHMs are my treasure that I can share to my kids when the time comes! I am proud of collecting FHM and being part of the FHM nation.

durkwulf (71.33)
Well, honestly FHM is part of my life since my college days so FHM means a lot to me. FHM is like the coolest "bro" who keeps on updating me with what's the latest thing out there. Whether it's about gadgets, what's the new trend of clothing to wear, who's the hottest chick in town, and like they say men are the most "chismoso" that's why we love stories whether it's jokes or real stories like on confessions. It's like a sibling a never had. That's why its hard to miss an issue of it. If I miss out on one feels like severing a bond between "bros." It has been there for me throughout the years. Never failed me up until now. This buddy of mine is a sure keeper. Hope you guys will continue the good work with it.

Hotguy22 (69.33)
Para sa akin ang FHM ang nag bigay ng daan upang ma i-express ng tao ang nilalaman ng kanilang damdamin, modelo man o simpleng tao. Bukod sa nagbibigay ng payo, nakakakuha din tayo ng idea upang malaman natin kung anong maaari nating gawin. Ako bilang isang lalake, alam ba ninyo na lagi ko binabasa ang "Ladies Confession" ngayon ay alam ko na din ang diskarte. Simpleng bagay, pero malaki ang pagbabago! Pagbabago upang maging updated sa lahat! At hindi ka pahuhuli, Yan si FHM!

To everyone who took part in the FHM 150th Issue contest, we owe you a world of gratitude for everything we just read. Isang daan at limampung pasasalamat, sirs and madams! The contest has come to a close, but let's keep 'em good-willed sentiments coming. Everyone, let's all give our FHM 150 microsite one more look. We ought to be proud of our little joint experiment!

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