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FHM Answers The Worst Of #RejectedBbPilipinas2014Questions

Sunday night's Bb. Pilipinas 2014 contest spawned a Twitter-trending topic: #RejectedBbPilipinas2014Questions. We put our smarty-pants pants on, and give these questions a go.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 31, 2014
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Yo!  Check this woman out, takin' a selfie:

That woman ain't no ordinary selfie-taking woman, fellas. That's 26-year-old computer engineer and entrepreneur, Mary Jean Lastimosa, a North Cotabato native who now has the right to call herself Miss Universe Philippines 2014. A pageant contender for the third time, Lastimosa finally bagged the elusive beauty crown last night at the Araneta Coliseum.

Helping her win was her answer to the question regarding what “the greatest advantage of being a woman” was.

She answered: “The greatest advantage of being a woman is being able to compose herself. Just like here, we’re standing in front of thousands of people, not knowing if you are gonna cheer for us or boo us. But we try to compose ourselves. We keep the emotions and show the beauty that is in us. And tonight, thousands of people are standing here…celebrating the beauty of women.”

We could just imagine how nerve-wracking it must be to think of a sensible answer when asked on the spot with questions that people rarely ever encounter in real-life situations.

That fact probably must've been the inspiration behind a trending Twitter topic today: "#RejectedBbPilipinas2014Questions"

The content? Questions that range from the insanely ridiculous to the immensely idiotic--all funny, all poking fun at the routinely cringe-worthy inquiries that these poor, pretty girls face.  

So now we put ourselves in their heels, and try to give these questions a go the only way we know how: with manly apathy.

Let us begin on the next page.

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Mary Jean Lastimosa photo taken from her Instagram page.
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