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#BabeTweets: March 6

Emo rules this week
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 6, 2013
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FHM Babe Tweets

Welcome to another edition of FHM Babe Tweets! This week, we're stalking Sarah Lahbati, Jacq Yu, Geneva Cruz, and Diana Zubiri, among others. Scroll down below to proceed!

1. Sarah Lahbati's tweet about love connections. Wait, Sarah's dating Richard Guttierez, right? And they're not together at the moment because she's studying abroad, right? Ooooohhhh. #AlamNa

FHM Babe Tweets Sarah Lahbati

2. Aubrey Miles's tweet about her polite kid, Hunter.
At least baby's giving mommy the chance to say no. You raised this kid right, Aubrey. #awesomegenes

FHM Babe Tweets Aubrey Miles

3. Bangs Garcia's tweet about sweating it out at Crowne Plaza.
Man, we would have loved to see a photo of that. #manyakids

FHM Babe Tweets Bangs Garcia

4. Geneva Cruz's tweet about distancing herself from people.
Whoever it is she's trying to stay away from, at least the long-time PETA endorser has her pets to tend to. #smokeymountainproblems

FHM Babe Tweets Geneva Cruz

5. Zo Duro's tweet about the kind of chick guys really dig.
Zo, you're gonna have to elaborate on that, because we don't like a chick with balls. #foul

FHM Babe Tweets Zo Duro

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