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FHM Babes Share Katatakutan Stories: Joycee Castro

Do you guys know what an incubus does?
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 30, 2014
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Maligayang undas, FHM Nation! This week, we only wish for three things: that we get to pay our respects to our dearly departed, find the time to visit them in their respective resting places, and, more than anything, muster enough courage to get us through Halloween eve. Nakakatakot, eh!

Having said that, it's time once again for FHM babes to let us in on their own true katatakutan stories! This time, however, we've decided to stretch this thing all the way until Halloween, which is this Friday, October 31. The longer, the better, right?

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Today's story belongs to Joycee Castro, who may have been visited by an incubus. Read on to find out what happened!

Joycee Castro

As told by Joycee Castro

"I still get the chills every time I talk about it, because my katatakutan story happened right at my house.

It was a normal weeknight. I entered my room, took off my clothes, jumped to bed, and opened my laptop. I spend a lot of time surfing the web when I get home, at ginagawa ko siyang pampaantok hanggang sa makatulog na ako. I dozed off less than an hour after that.

So here's the thing. You know how some people are aware even if they're in the middle of a dream? That's kind of what happened to me. And in my dream, I was being massaged by one of my close guy friends in our living room. I remember enjoying it very much, because it was one of those sensual back massages.

I didn't actually see his face in the dream, but I could tell it was him because of the perfume he was wearing. Arms lang niya ang nakikita ko. I thought it would lead to something more, so I decided to go to the bedroom. Lumipat na ako sa bed. I was so ready to take things to the next level.

And that's when I woke up.

Nakakainis, 'di ba? It felt so real. Too real. In fact, it's scary how real it felt. But do you know what the scariest part is? When I saw a bottle of peppermint massage oil right beside me. At first I was like, 'Did I do this?'

But I couldn't have gotten it in my sleep, because it was stacked in one of the cabinets. At lalong wala naman akong history with sleepwalking. Ang dami ko biglang naisip. May tao bang pumasok sa kwarto ko? Panaginip nga ba yung nangyari sa akin o minasahe niya talaga ako habang natutulog? At ang pinakamalala sa lahatmulto ba ang nagmasahe sa akin?

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I grabbed my laptop and did some research. I discovered that stuff like this happens a lot, and a male demon called incubus may be responsible for it. Apparently, an incubus more or less rapes women in their sleep. But I still couldn't figure out how the massage oil got there. It's not like an incubus needs to massage his victims first, right?

Given na wala namang masamang nangyari sa akin at hindi na siya naulit, I decided to let it go. 

As for my close guy friend? Our relationship was never the same after that. Nailang na talaga ako sa kanya. For all I know, he really did massage me in my sleep and ran off just when I was about to wake up. Para sa akin, mas nakakatakot pa yun kesa sa kahit na anong multo.


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! Stay tuned for our final katatakutan story tomorrow, FHM Nation!

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