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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Kim Chiu's Sexy Birthday Dance, Ringo Starr's HOF Induction, And Jurassic World's Mosasaurus

The chinita princess goes sexy, a Beatle's legend is finally honored, and a really, really big sea predator!
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 20, 2015
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Summer is turning up the heat in an effort to make this Monday even sunnier, hotter, and consequently, more miserable. So how about we blow some cool air in your direction with the coolest tidbits and most relevant man-news we cobbled up over the past two days for FHM's Best Of The Weekend!

Here goes nothing!

MOMENT OF SILENCE: Ritchie D' Horsie passes away at 58

The Iskul Bukol alumnus and one of Vic Sotto's most famous sidekicks in their heyday, passed away on Saturday due to complications of diabetes, kidney failure, and brain stroke.   

Image via

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 The comedian, known for his "panggagatong" humor, fell on hard times due to an addiction to methamphetamines that culminated in imprisonment  from 2004 to 2008. Since being released on bail in 2008 with assistance from Bossing himself, however, Ritchie has been able to avoid further brushes with the law, up until his death last Saturday. 

Thanks for the laughter, Mr. D'Horsie.

Lalaki sadyang nagpapabangga!

Move over, Budol-Budol Gang. A new modus has been uncovered by ABS-CBN that involves scammers faking getting hit by a car. Just when a car is about to pass by the "victim," the individual intentionally jumps in the way, and acts like he got legitimately hit.

The victim then asks for "areglo" money that ranges from P5,000 to P20,000.  

Video via ABS-CBN

HOOPS KNOWLEDGE UPGRADE: The "Art Of Footwork" video

Of the many basketball clips we watched over the weekend, the one below is probably our favorite. It features some of the slickest NBA players in history showcasing their sweet, sweet footwork. Definitely something we can learn from!  

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Video via Stronger Team

Batman V. Superman teaser released! 

Attempting to rain on the Avengers' parade, Warner Bros. released the official teaser trailer for DC's biggest movie currently on the radar, Batman V. Superman.   

It's like pro wrestling, given that both men are wearing tights, only this time the participants are either superpowered or super-duper rich.

Video via Warner Bros. Pictures

CERTIFIED ROCK STARR: Ringo Starr inducted into Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame

Ringo Starr, the rival of George Harrison for the title "Third Most Famous Beatle Of All Time," finally gets his due, having been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio as a solo artist. 

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Starr was first inducted into this list of esteemed rock stars as a member of The Beatles in 1988. Now, he is recognized for his solo efforts—a career that has spanned 18 solo studio albums.

Way to go, Ringo!

HUGE EXPECTATIONS: Shark-eating Mosasaurus poster released

Universal Pictures released a literally titanic poster yesterday for Jurassic World, featuring the shark-eating terror of the sea called the Mosasaurus:

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The poster was released in anticipation of the new trailer to be released tomorrow. Hold on tight, dino fans.  

DEAR KIM: Kim Chiu offers sexy dance number for birthday

Everyone's favorite chinita turned 25 yesterday, April 19. Ever generous, she gave us a gift that you're sure to appreciate: a sexy dance number. Kim swayed sexily to the tune of "Earned It" by The Weeknd.

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Watch the dance number here.

Fantastic Four trailer is, well, fantastic

Star Wars, Jurassic World, and Batman V. Superman aren't the only ones teasing us this week. 20th Century Fox also released their own geek-pleasing teaser today featuring Stretchy-man, Flame-dude, The Girl Who Can't Be Seen, and Mr. Pebbleface. Collectively, they're known as the Fantastic Four.

Check 'em out:   

Video via 20th Century Fox

SPOILER ALERT: A leaked (and quite possibly fake)
Avengers: Age Of Ultron after-credits scene introduces a rather sticky superhero

A clip on YouTube claims to show a post-credits scene featuring a Marvel superhero that another studio currently owns the film rights to. 

Could this guy finally be swinging with Iron Man and the gang? Or could it be completely fake? You be the judge.

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