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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Epal Tarps Attack, Angelica Panganiban Spoofs Angel Locsin, And Pacquiao-Mayweather Sets Venue

Wayward drivers, Pacquiao-Mayweather updates, cover girls spoofing cover girls—all these and more in the latest edition of Best Of The Weekend!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 12, 2015
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As always, the weekend is over too soon, and it's back to reality for most of us. We do have one cool memory from the weekend: the two-hit combo of Katrina Halili and Andrea Torres dishing out signatures.

That wasn't the only interesting thing  that happened over the weekend though. These 10 bits below also took place, making Monday a little more tolerable.

PARANG POKEMON LANG: Wild "Epal Tarps" appear as papal visit nears

The Pope visiting our country is a big deal, and everyone wants a piece of him. Among those were the people behind these tarps: 

Reported by (and currently spreading on social networks), the reaction towards these advertisements disguised as welcome banners has not been very kind, and probably rightfullly so.

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2)   IT IS ALIVE: New season five trailer for
The Walking Dead rises 

The Walking Dead returns to life in February for the continuation of season number five, and to tease fans, AMC has released an artsy, beautiful trailer featuring your favorite zombie-busters (or at least those who remain alive) doing what they do best: killing zombies.

We can't wait:

Video via DestinyOneGamer ™

3)   EXACTLY THE KIND OF SPOOF WE LIKE: Angelica Panganiban impersonates Angel Locsin

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What happens when one FHM cover girl mimics another FHM cover girl? We didn't know...that is until Angelica Panganiban impersonated Angel Locsin in an episode of Banana Nite over the weekend.

Angelica's spoofing talents have definitely been on the up and up, if the way we laughed at the skit were any indication. Watch it here.

4)   HACKER REVENGE: Hacktivist group Anonymous declares war on IS and Al-Qaeda

The attack on the French satirists at Charlie Hebdo shocked the world. While many of us can only react with a comment or a simple gesture of sympathy, hacktivist group Anonymous is taking things up a notch.

They've released a video featuring a French-speaking guy in the group's symbolic Guy Fawkes mask declaring war on the groups responsible for the attack. A translated transcript from the Ladbible goes:

"We will track you down—every last one—and will kill you. You allowed yourselves to kill innocent people, we will therefore avenge their deaths. You will not impose your sharia law in our democracies, we will not let your stupidity kill our liberties and our freedom of expression. We have warned you; expect your destruction. We will track you everywhere on the planet, nowhere will you be safe. We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Be afraid of us, Islamic State and Al Qaeda—you will get our vengeance."

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Video via  anonymous belgique

Batman V. Superman splitting into two movies?

Rumors about the upcoming Batman V. Superman mega-epic being split into two movies began swirling on the Internet thanks to this screen-capture here:

The image was supposedly from a teaser trailer, which shows the movie being split into two big releases. One is the already-known Dawn Of Justice flick, slated for a 2016 release. The surprise here is the 2015 movie, Enter The Knight, which was previously unknown.

How true could this be? We can confirm once the actual teaser releases on February 6 with the movie Jupiter Rising.

6)   BABY STEPS: Pacquiao, Floyd agree on venue of mega bout

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Progress is very, very slow on this superfight, so any development we hear, we welcome with great excitement. Over the weekend, one relatively considerable step was taken as reports that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather have agreed on two things: the venue of the match and the Olympic-style drug testing.  

The match, as per the agreement, is set to be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. The progress jibes with another report that caught Freddie Roach saying that the fight is closer than ever to actually happening.  

TOP GEAR PHILIPPINES: Tito "Beast Mode" Cosejo shows us the kind of driving that needs to be condemned now

Tito "Beast Mode" Cosejo went viral on Top Gear Philippines' Facebook page yesterday. And it's all for the wrong reasons. Cosejo was featured in a self-made video where he teaches the ways of "Beast Mode" driving or what is essentially, "How To Drive Like A Complete Asshole."

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You can watch it here:  

Since the posting, the extremely arrogant Cosejo has sent an apology to Top Gear—an apology that hasn't been well-received due to several inconsistencies and alleged lies in the letter. Read the entry here. 

Know what's well-received though? The public has gone on to call him amusing names such as "Beast Mole" in reference to the mole on the right side of his face.  

8)   FURBALL ALERT: Three dogs are ball boys in a Venus Williams match

After that bit of news that got our blood boiling, we need something to cool us down. And the best "ball boys" in the world are exactly what we need:  

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Video via ASB

Reported by on Saturday, the organizers of the ASB Classic in Auckland, New Zealand called not upon boys to pick up stray balls, but trained dogs to the amusement of everyone. Why didn't anyone think of that before?

9)   GEEK HARD-ON MOMENT OF THE WEEKEND: Life-sized Pac-man maze set up in L.A.

Over the weekend, Kotaku reports that a life-sized Pac-man maze was put together in L.A. Was it part of a game-based theme park that we haven't heard of yet? No. Apparently, it was set up by Budweiser while shooting their commercial for the Super Bowl. Man, that maze is definitely something we'd want to get lost in.

Playing a life sized virtual pac-man game in downtown for a  new beer commercial

A photo posted by Brett Justin Koppel (@brettjustinkoppel) on

Mythbusters/Simpsons crossover special has a trailer!

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Homer Simpson. A wrecking ball. The science nuts at Mythbusters. Exploding toilets. Cartoon physics. Real-life experiments. This is one Mythbuster crossover that we wouldn't want to miss. 

Check out its trailer:

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