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4 Skills To Hone For FHM BroCon (Aside From Mingling With FHM Girls)

Here's a rundown of some of the activities at Saturday's <em>FHM</em> BroCon!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 9, 2015
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Are you a bro? If you are, then we hope you've marked your calendars for the bro-est event of the year, the FHM BroCon, a celebration of all things bro filled to the brim with music, booze, food, and fun for the bro in everyone. Bring all your bros, bro. (Just one note: The FHM BroCon is an event separate from the strictly by-invite-only 100 Sexiest Victory Party. However, we've made sure the BroCon is going to be waaay more fun.)

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That's a lot of "bros" in one paragraph. Luckily, we've got just the thing to balance it out during the event: a smattering of the land's sexiest ladies who clearly didn't get much in the way of a wardrobe budget (read: they have little to wear). But you knew that already, didn't you? We've already detailed the women who'll be making an appearance in the event—something we'll continue on as we get nearer to D-Day.

Those women are obviously the stars of the weekend. And we bet you're already adept at star-gazing. But what other skills should you have to make the most of the event? Our major sponsors, Petron, Rogin-E, A.Menarini, and Casio have a lot in store for you in their activity booths. Below is a primer of some of the things lined up so you can hone your skills come BroCon day!


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Casio will be setting up a PS3 and an F1 game for you to play. So rev those engines, and get a chance to win discount coupons to Time Depot!


Are you a sufferer of premature ejaculation? That can't be good for your partner. Thankfully, Italian pharmaceutical company A.Menarini is bringing a team of doctors to the event for sessions regarding the affliction. Say goodbye to premature ejaculation, bro!

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Multivitamins for the man-on-the-go Rogin-E is out to test your physical and mental endurance with their so-called Blacklit Arcade. Test your punching power, shooting accuracy, and mental sharpness in Rogin-E's challenge and get the chance to win gift packs!

This is what happens when you take some Rogin-E:

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Petron is setting up a cylindrical cage where you get the chance to grab cash-like pieces of paper like players did inside the dome from The Crystal Maze. Grab the right ones and you'll be taking home something special from Petron!

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Practice now, bros!

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