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FHM BroCon: Pick The Songs You Want Sponge Cola To Play!

Yael Yuzon and co. wants to hear from you!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 7, 2015
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We're creeping closer and closer to the manliest event of the year, the FHM BroCon!

Happening four days from now at the SMX Convention Center in SM MOA, the event is, in case you're still clueless (where have you been?), a celebration of everything that makes it great to be a man. If that ain't enough reason for you to cancel all your plans on Saturday (July 11) and attend, we'll have you know that there will be generous servings of beautiful girls, booze, man-tastic activities from our partners, and rock-out OPM music.

Oh yes, you should damn go.

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Speaking of what's going down at the festivities, local rock acts Sandwich, Chicosci, Sponge Cola, and Ebe Dancel have done us a solid and agreed to perform at the FHM BroCon. And now, we ask you guys: What tunes do you want them to play live during the event?

We're doing a series of pollsone for each artistto know the songs you want them to perform. The top three songs in each poll at the end of the polling period (Friday, July 10) will be part of the set they will play at the event.

[Pro-tip: You can vote as many times as you want, all you have to do is refresh this page after every vote!]

The ones for Sandwich (vote here) and Chicosci (vote here) are now up so now we focus our polling powers on Yael Yuzon and the alternative-rockin' guys of Sponge Cola!

So, which Sponge Cola song do you want to hear live at the BroCon?

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Here are the choices:

"TAMBAY" (Tambay EP, 2012)

Video via SuperShaira14's channel

"MOVE ON" (Ultrablessed Thank You Edition, 2015)

Video via Sponge Cola

"TULIRO" (Transit, 2006)

Video via Charmaine Ferro

"PARE KO" (Ultraelectromagneticjam!: The Music of the Eraserheads, 2005)

Video via Yuyun Maningo

"DI NA MABABAWI" (Sponge Cola, 2006)

Video via lynnloiz

"PUSO" (Sponge Cola, 2006)

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