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FHM BroCon: Pick The Songs You Want Sandwich To Play!

You vote, and Raimund Marasigan and co. will rock to it!
| Jul 4, 2015
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The manliest event of the year, the FHM Bro-Con, is now only a week away!

As we've told you all before, this first-ever celebration of all the things that make it great to be a man will be filled with the country's prettiest ladies, bro-approved shenanigan, B-O-O-Z-E, and great music (among a heaping pile of other man-tastic things).

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Today, we focus on the eargasmic aspect of our event, of which we've asked Sandwich, Spongecola, Chicosci, and Ebe Dancel to provide. But because this celebration is for you, the loyal members of the FHM Nation, we coaxed these rockstars to throw away their usual setlists to give you the awesome opportunity to choose the songs they'll play at the event!

You choose, they play!

We'll be doing four polls, one each for every performer. To make the choosing a bit easier, we'll offer you a list of some of their best tracks, and you can vote which song you want to witness live. The top three songs at the end of the polling period—voting ends on Friday, July 10—will be included in the set our rocker friends will play at the FHM Bro-Con.

[Pro-tip: You can vote as many times as you want, all you have to do is refresh this page after every vote!]

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First up, we have Raimund Marasigan and the funky boys and girl of Sandwich! So which of their songs do you want to hear live?

Here are your choices:

"BORDER CROSSING" (Debris, 2015)

Video via [Indie] Manila

"KAGULO" (Debris, 2015)

Video via polyeastrecords

"BUHANGIN" (Debris, 2015)

Video via polyeastrecords

"BALINTAWAK" (Rock Supremo, 2013)

"BETAMAX" (S Marks the Spot, 2008)

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