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FHM BroCon: Pick The Songs You Want Ebe Dancel To Play!

Don't let this opportunity go to waste!
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 8, 2015
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Do you hear that? That, fellas, is the sound of our hearts beating in anticipation for the manliest event of the year, the FHM BroCon!

Happening this Saturday, July 11, at the SMX Convention Center, this pioneer event is an epic celebration of what makes it great to be a man! So expect beautiful reps from the fairer sex, booze, live bands, and other man-tastic activities from our generous partners.

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But if you're an FHM Nation loyalist, you know that already.

What you might not know though is this: You, yes you, the handsome/beautiful guy/gal reading this fantastic bit of good news right now, can make the shindig even more to your liking! In case you missed it, we're currently running a series of polls where you can vote the songs you want OPM rockstars Sandwich, Sponge Cola, Chicosci, and Ebe Dancel to play during the FHM BroCon!

A refresher: A poll will be done for each which includes the artist's most popular songs. The top three songs for each poll by the end of the polling period (July 10) will then be added to the performers' playlist for the event. All we ask from is for you to V-O-T-E-!

[Pro-tip: You can vote as many times as you want, all you have to do is refresh this page after every vote!]

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The ones for Sandwich (vote here), Sponge Cola (vote here), and Chicosci (vote here) are now ready to receive your votes. This time around, we focus on the last and only one-man rock act of the pack: Ebe Dancel, the voice behind the hits of the popular-but-now-defunct alternative-pop band Sugarfree!

So, which songs do you want bro Ebe to play?

Here are the choices:

"HARI NG SABLAY" (Dramachine, 2004)

Video via polyeastrecords

"MULI" (Dalawang Mukha Ng Pag-Ibig, 2011)

Video via Ebe Dancel

"LAKAMBINI" (Rock Supremo, 2013)

Video via Karen Cumlat

BURNOUT (Sa Wakas, 2003)

Video via polyeastrecords

"MARIPOSA" (Sa Wakas, 2003)

Video via Quark Henares

"PROM" (Dramachine, 2004)

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