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FHM Chart: Should We Give Christopher Lao a Break?

<em>Pisting yawa o kawawa?</em>
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 5, 2011
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How unfortunate for Christopher Lao, the dude who rallied his vroom amidst a typhoon-flowing road, only to find his car get hopelessly dragged away by the flood. Also the same dude who blamed everyone in sight afterwards, and 24 Oras caught it on camera.

”I wasn’t informed!” Lao frantically insists. Sige ikaw na ang galit.

Now a Facebook fan page named Christopher Lao: ang bobong sinugod ang kotse sa baha has been helmed to ridicule the man’s meltdown fiasco. As of this writing, it's close to reaching 60,000 fans; at 4pm there are 57,062 folks hating on Christopher Lao right now.

In the interest of fairness, maybe we should give the man a break. He is, after all, a legitimate flood victim here. Or maybe we shouldn’t. Whether he deserves the public humiliation is completely subjective to one’s opinion. And so we let you decide:


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