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This Hot New Drinking Game Will Significantly Increase Your Flirting Aptitude

We give you the coolest (and naughtiest) drinking game to hit our land since <em>tong-its</em>!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Oct 14, 2015
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Enough with the beer pong, FHM gives you the coolest (and naughtiest) drinking card game to hit our land since tong-its, FHM Dare: The Ultimate Drinking Game! (Even its name says so!)

The brainchild of a couple of bored FHM staffers, this 100-card box of goodies combines the magazine's patented aesthetic value with the whimsical uncertainty brought about by a Truth or Dare game. It will also make you want to say, "Sagot ko na ang baraha!"

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Unadulterated fun, the savor of beer, plus maybe a chance to "score" (Yeah men!)—what else do you need from a drinking game? Just more players!

But before we start the party, we need to let you in on a few things about the FHM Dare Cards...


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(It also says in the box that it can accommodate four to 12 players, preferably not all men, for maximum enjoyment. Seriously.)

With those on hand, including a shot guide, let us now familiar ourselves with its cardboard components, aka the game's engine:


These 53 tasks wouldn't be classified as dares if it were easy-peasy! Expect a ton of laughs and awkwardness upon emptying this exhausting pile. And remember: Bawal pikon!

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Bordering on the most personal to the most absurd questions, the 14 Truth cards grill its unwitting victims into submission (read: more drinking). The goal: to go home an open book or seeing double.


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Instead of quad-suited reversible monarchs, the FHM Dare Cards feature 30 actual queens—of the FHM Nation! You might want to keep a rag near while playing to wipe spilled beer or pulutan oil off of these bona fide collectibles.

Game paraphernalia sorted out, this is how FHM Dare plays out:


Shuffle and distribute Babe cards evenly among the players. Players should keep all their piles of Babe cards face down.
Shuffle the Action cards and place them face down in a pile in the center.
Game starts with a player drawing an Action card, which is then showed and read out loud to the group.
A player can either: a) Do the dare or answer the Truth question at once; b) Draw a Babe card to modify the Dare/Truth question; or c) Skip the Dare/Truth and take a shot at once.
A player only gets to keep an Action card once someone completes their turn.
— The game ends once all the cards have been consumed, or until everyone is pissed drunk, whichever comes first.

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Additional Action (Dare/Truth) card rules:

The group judges whether a Dare has been accomplished or a Truth question has ben answered completely.

Babe card rules:

Drawn Babe cards must be used immediately and may not be returned or swapped for a different Babe card, unless stated. Babe cards are discarded after use.

The group shall agree on how a player should Double or Triple the Truth/Dare action as stated in the Babe card. For example, if he or she picks a "Double down on the Truth/Dare" card, the group may ask him/her one more follow-up question (Truth card), ask him/her to do the Dare twice, or increase the duration/intensity of the Action (Dare card).

And how does one win amid all these horsing around, you might ask...


Each Action card counts as one point. The player with the most accumulated Action cards wins. Add unused Babe cards to your Action card total to gain more points. The group decides what the winner gets—such as not having to chip in for the drinks!

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So, whaddaya say? Gather up your peers and start shuffling!

But wait, you have to get the actual card game first. FHM Dare: The Ultimate Drinking Game is now available in bookstores, newsstands, and supermarkets nationwide for only P295. Watch out for future promo announcements for this new, amusing booze-buddy!

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Photography Mark Jesalva
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