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FHM Debates: Should GMA Be Allowed to Leave the Country?

Sucks to be an Arroyo right now
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 16, 2011
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More than a year out of the Presidency, and it’s still a tough break for the Arroyo family. The latest in her ongoing slew of misfortunes, you must know, is how GMA, along with her husband Mike Arroyo, was barred from leaving the country, under orders from DOJ secretary Leila De Lima, last night November 16.

The Arroyos, meanwhile have since made appointments to several hospitals overseas following the Supreme Court’s issuance of the Temporary Restraining Order against the government watch list action against them. And then that mega-debacle that occurred at the World's Worst Airport (according to Sleeping in Airports) yesterday.

There are two sides to this issue, as all issues do. But on the street level, either you feel bad for Gloria’s ailing health, or you’re idolizing Secretary De Lima right now. Here’s where we debate: Should GMA be allowed to leave the country?


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