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FHM Debates: Should the 10/4 Work Week Be Implemented?

Don't plan any out of town trips just yet
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 5, 2011
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The rumor going around offices today is the possible implementation of the 10-hour, 4-day work week, also known as 10/4, aiming to save on costs and enabling workers to have an extended weekend with their families in the midst of a struggling economy.[firstpara]Credit the prospect of a permanent long weekend to Quezon City Representative Winston "Winnie" Castelo, who pushes for the adoption of the 10/4 work week in both public and private sectors. Note that work hours are only tweaked to fit a four-day schedule, which still totals to 40 work hours, and not diminished.

Castelo has cited the potential benefits of his proposition, all of it sounding really awesome, but a closer look at the situation might suggest that it could also backfire. To which we start a debate chart: should the 10-hour, 4-day workweek be implemented?


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