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FHM Editors Blog #1: Anton's 'Addiction'

Meet FHM's resident movie geek!
by Anton D. Umali | Mar 4, 2013
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FHM Editors Blog Movie Geek

It’s probably fair to say that though most of you have read our articles, admired the pictures we’ve taken (of half-naked chicks or otherwise), and gained a hefty dose of man-knowledge by allowing us to be your wingman, we’ve never truly gotten to know each other–at least not in the way best bros should. Because aside from that tiny space in the magazine we’ve dubbed the Ed’s Letter–where all our monthly shenanigans take light through our mediocre photography skills–we’ve never really had a chance to give readers an inside look into what it’s like to be a member of this crazy family called FHM.

FHM Editors Blog Movie Geek                                               Anton D. Umali is the guy on the left, oozing with credibility

FHM Editors Blog Movie Geek                                                         And this is the photo we promised him we would use

Well, it’s time to break down that wall, shed that unnecessary mystique, and inject some personal insight since has come up with another ingenious way of allowing us, the FHM staffers, to further embarrass ourselves via word-vomit. Starting today, both the staff of the website and the magazine, will alternately express our opinions, share our experiences, and hopefully entertain you through…wait for it…blogging.

In line with the website’s redesign, the powers-that-be decided that it’s about time we let you into our lives, one pageview at a time.

Each staffer will get their turn at this, so allow me to introduce myself, because it seems appropriate to tell you a little about who I am before popping my blog cherry:


Never in a billion years did I think that I’d actually be watching movies and writing about them for a living. I’ve been working as one of FHM’s editorial assistants for almost three years now (wow, has it been that long?) and most of my assignments for allow me to harness my movie geekness. I always try my best to be in tune with what’s going on with films and, as most of my friends and family will tell you, I devour it like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of them even treat me like a living, breathing Internet Movie Database, disturbing my much-needed siestas with cinematic queries.

FHM Editors Blog Movie Geek                             Double high five if you once thought Sarah Michelle Gellar was the hottest chick ever

At the tender age of nine, and after watching a rented VHS (for the much younger ones, it's the movie USB of the past, about a 100 times bigger than the flash disks you save those .avi files on today) of Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher flick Scream, I started becoming a fan of feature films. But it was only when I was much older that I realized that it wasn’t just a shallow slice-and-dice film but really a movie about movies. And as the killer was revealed and the not-so-virginal virgin survived barely unscathed, I knew I was hooked like a junkie on a chemical romance.

Call it morbid, but there was just something about big-breasted girls (and Party of Five mainstay Neve Campbell) being chased and hacked by a bloodthirsty madman that tickled my soon-to-be-unrepressed cineaste. My celluloid obsession was weaned to so-bad-it’s-good late '90s teen thrillers like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Urban Legend. It was a time when scary movies didn’t have sound plots and did not involve found footage gimmicks (save for the Blair Witch Project); an era where Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sarah Michelle Gellar were the J-Law and E-Stone. But as I got older I discovered that there was more to the movie industry than the occasional psycho with a motive, and better actors and actresses than JLH and SMG.

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