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FHM Editors' Blog #2: The Broob

Meet FHM's Bro...with Boobs!
by mich r. lagdameo | Mar 11, 2013
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FHM Editors' Blog - The Broob

There are only two reactions when people find out that I work for FHM: “Ha? FHM? Bakiiiit?” (from fellow females) and “Oh? FHM? Astiiig!” (from men who then regard me as their new best friend).

Opo, mga ser, babae ako.

I wear lipstick and heels to work (occasionally, when I can stand the kantyawan that come with them), spend (office) hours on Pinterest (also teased mercilessly about it), and bake seriously yummy banana bread (the only thing the FHM guys don’t joke about—my banana cake is their shabu).

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                                                   Mich's finest cleavage-y (acting dead) moment on FHM

                             And this is her on normal office days. Like any sane woman, she'll hug anything
                                                            that's oversized and reminds her of chocolate

The fact that I don’t have a Y-chromosome in an environment where testosterone is thought to be pumped in the air we breathe does not make me the most exotic animal in the zoo—the way I see it, it’s a job (yes, a fun one) and in terms of workload, office shenanigans, and the awesome-experience barometer, I could have done much worse.

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But I’ve come to accept that while, after three years on the job, I don’t think anything I do is unusual, everyone else I meet will always be fascinated with my “unique” position in the corporate world. Here’s how to wrap your head around it: Think of me as kind of a bro, but with boobs. A broob? I totally made that up, but whatever.

 So for my first editor’s blog entry, I shall answer all the FAQs that everyone (men and women alike) asks me once they get over the initial shock/awe. To satisfy both your manyak curiosity (and maintain my sanity) here is a handy Q&A of your burning questions. You’re welcome.

#1 Pwede bang sumama sa shoot?
In theory, why not? But in reality, why would you want to? If there is an image in your head of models strutting around butt-naked and unli-buffets in hotels, let me tell you that doesn’t happen (not all the time anyway, sarap talaga sa  Sofitel!) A usual shoot is us eating cold pizza, playing the crap out of a borrowed iPad, trying not to get in the way of the photog, while the model and makeup artist make chika about the latest beauty trends and showbiz chismis. The BTS vids we shoot for this site should sate your curiosity enough.

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#2 Totoo ba yung boobs ni XXXX or sobrang Photoshopped ba ni XXXX?
Okay, let’s get one thing straight: I am a woman with a good body image (read: not exactly skinny but totally fine with that) but I can see how some girls feel the need for a little nip-and-tuck to feel better about themselves. Whether this model or that did take some, um, creative liberties with their bodies, the bottom line is: Maganda pa rin naman di ba? C’mon boys—don’t ogle then accuse them of being fake. That’s their business, and all you have to do is appreciate what God (or doktora) gave them!

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