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FHM GND 2006 TOP 10: Drenzy

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| Jun 1, 2006
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We must say, you are the wackiest girl in this batch! How do you do it?
Eh ikaw ba naman ang kumain ng kakaibang food! All those things that give you energy—plus I have a gift for drinking every kind of alcohol you can throw at me.

You downed three beers before 5PM—before working. Then drank on well into the night. You’re mighty fun to be with.

That’s actually my principle in life: I want to feel happy with everything I do. I want life to be a grand party. As far as personal problems go, I’m the cross-the-bridge-when-you-get-there kind of girl. And drinking, isa yan sa mga kaligayahan ko, ha ha ha!

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