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A Super Perk Of Being Short, Granny Knocks Out Dude, and 11 Other Things To Fitspire You This Week!

Want added motivation to get your ass off the couch and start sweating it out? Start reading!
by Mars Salazar | Sep 21, 2015
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It’s always nice to start your week with some motivation to stay in shape, hence a fresh edition of your regular dose of fitspiration from us here at FHM HQ. We’ve got lots of simple hacks to whip your body to its healthiest state ever, as well as a load of other news that will inspire you to get your ass off the couch and start sweating it out.

What are you waiting for? Get reading (and, after, start burning those pounds away), boys and girls!

It’s super important to wash your hands properly after using the bathroom, but recent studies have shown that only five-percent of folks wash their grimy paws the right way after doing a number one or two. Twenty seconds should be enough to clean your hands properly. Focus on your fingertips, and please, for the love of all that is holy, use soap! Finish up by using paper towels instead of hand driers—they do a much better job at stopping the spread of bacteria.

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Air pollution is a very real phenomenon, and millions of people are dying from inhaling noxious fumes each year. Do your part in reducing the world’s emissions by walking or biking short distances—not only are you doing Mother Nature a favor, but you’re also toning your legs!

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Looking to lose a few pounds? Schedule your workouts in the morning while your stomach’s still empty—doing so could apparently burn more fat and curb your appetite for the rest of the day.

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Here’s a shortcut to improving your cardiovascular health: gulp down some vitamin C. A study has shown that taking 500mg of the stuff can improve your blood flow. Hey, it’s worth a try, right?

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A bandage that sucks bacteria out from wounds? Sign us up! Fine, it might be a bit OA for your run-of-the-mill sugat, but it’s really awesome for people with compromised immune systems, like HIV or AIDS patients.

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Us Pinoys may be vertically-challenged in general, but it looks like we lucked out at the same time: several studies have revealed that men 5'9" and below live longer than their taller counterparts. So yeah, that six-footer over there might get the girls, but he also gets in his grave earlier. Live healthily, and embrace your height, guys. *brofist*

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Here are five easy ways to avoid cancer way before it even rears its ugly head: remove stress from your life, exercise regularly, do good deeds, stay away from mold and mildew, and get your daily dose of vitamin D. Imagine—just a few simple tweaks, and you’ll be drastically reducing your odds of getting the big C!

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Next time you get lucky enough to have a whole bar of chocolate in your cupboard, we suggest you gobble it all up in a single sitting instead of eating it in intervals so it lasts for a whole week. That’s due to a phenomenon called adaptive thermogenesis, which pushes your metabolism to keep up with all the calories you’re stuffing your face with. Just don’t do it every day, mkay?

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If you’re really craving for something sweet, though, we suggest foregoing the chocolate and going for some avocados and milk instead: the fruit's packed with loads of nutrients, safely locked in by its tough skin. Healthy and delicious—sounds like our dream fruit!

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Take a few minutes from your daily work routine to do some stretching! Doing so can relieve tension in your neck and helps mobilize your shoulder joints, making for a nice change of pace from staring at your monitor all day. If you're reading this at work, try it now!

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Suffering from high blood pressure? Eat breakfast daily. Cook yourself some oatmeal and eggs, brew a few glasses of green tea, and you’re bound to see your BP going down soon.

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We don’t think doing squats on a treadmill can do anything for your glutes, but we’re not going to complain because it looks hot as hell when Jen Selter does it. More, Jen!

If you think you need to amp up your workout routine, well, you probably really should, especially after seeing how this old lady knocked this huge dude out cold. Stay awesome, Mother Russia.

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