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12 Christmas Wishes from your 2013 FHM 100% Hotties!

Want to know what your 2013 batch of FHM 100% Hotties want this Christmas? Prepare for an abundance of the Yuletide spirit and, well, a boatload of pictures!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 25, 2013
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Happy Holidays, FHM Nation!

Christmas is just a few sleeps away. You probably already have made arrangements with your family and friends on C-Day. Your new man toy (or whatever cool shit you got yourself) has been abused profusely. And your tummy and liver are enjoying the calm before the real, more food- and booze-filled parties begin.

But we all know there's still one thing you still have to decide on. (No, not your evasive maneuvers from your inaanaks.) Your Christmas wishes. You know, the ones you make every year to the cool guy above (or below, to each his belief).

It's been a tough year for everyone. We were struck by calamities, both man-made and natural. And the future looks kinda bleak. (We're looking at you Meralco!) So, to save you from the burden of choosing what to wish for, we asked some of your favorite gals in the world, your FHM 100% Hotties for 2013, what they want for the world this Christmas—and we had them do it the FHM 100% Hottie way!

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So prepare for nipples a better world, gentlemen, and wish this come Christmas time: "I wish for whatever the Hotties want!"

Check out the gallery below for an abundance of the Yuletide spirit and for, well, a boatload of pictures!

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