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FHM InstaSexy: What Does An FHM Icon Like Diana Zubiri Post On IG?

Clue: Sexy selfies!
| Sep 4, 2014
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After a hiatus that seemed like eternity, Diana Zubiri is back where she rightfully belongs–sizzling on an FHM cover!

Diana Zubiri Is FHM's September 2014 Cover Girl!

We all know how the FHM Icon helped shape our sexy history and fueled our R-18 fantasies. But judging from her September 2014 cover photos, it appears like Diana's hold on Pinoy sexydom is far from over. Baka nga mga 20 years pa!

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And because we'd really like to rekindle our relationship with the now five-time cover girl, we took a peek at her Instagram account, @iamdianazubiri, to check out what she's now into and what she likes to post about.

Are you eggzoited? Well, it's time for this week's edition of the FHM InstaSexy! Scroll down now!

Even her candid shots look stunning! #TakeASip #BilisBakaMatunaw

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Suddenly, it feels like summer in September! #Bikini #NavyStripes

That's a nice dress...because of all the right reasons! #CleavageCut #GlitterDress

Here's D with her juicing friends. And yes, that's Roxee B hawt in pink! #JuiceItBaby

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Diana's so hot she melts reality into animation! #FHM100Sexiest2014

NEXT: The secrets to her fitnesssss!

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