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FHM InstaSexy: We InstaStalk The Sexiest Woman In The Land, Marian Rivera!

In this week's edition of <em>FHM </em>InstaSexy, we show you the best photos from our 14th Anniversary Issue's cover girl's Instagram!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Mar 6, 2014
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Summer. Sexy. Beaches. Babes. Bikinis. FHM's 14th Anniversary Issue. Marian Rivera. It all makes sense, right?

Seeing her in a bikini makes us want to scream, "O-M-G!" So all together now: "Oh, My God!!!"

And because we adore every bit of her, this week's edition of FHM Instasexy is dedicated to @therealmarian. So what other O-M-G-worthy photos are there in her Instagram account? Scroll down to see the best of 'em!

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Much like the drones here in FHM, Marian was excited for the release of her March 2014 cover! #GrabACopyNow #FHMQueenMarian

See that small, round-shaped object floating in the sky? We think that's an alien ship. Even UFOs want a glimpse at her! #OtherWorldlyBeauty

She stares. We melt. #TitiganTayo

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She doesn't forget what makes her happy. Hey, Marian, you make us super happy, too! #happy

NEXT: Marian's pro-Chicks On Kicks!

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