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InstaSexy: The #BalikAlindog 2014 Edition

We check up on our favorite women as they sweat it out on the gym to get their sexy curves back—all while wearing the hottest workout clothes, of course!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 9, 2014
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...because the early worm gets the early abs. #ansabe

Told you!

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Cristine Reyes'
looks is sweeter than her juice

...but she's going to have to force us to drink that stuff #mukhangmapait

Bianca Peralta's
a balancing goddess!

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We can't even do a normal handstand, even more so with a ball! #pushmoyan

Bianca Gonzalez is your fitness ambassadress this January!

...because she's on the cover of Women's Health this month! #sokailankasaFHM

NEXT: Anne does Kung-Fu! Meg still wants her chocolate!

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