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FHM Interprets: Riding in Tandem!

by Mikey Agulto | Sep 10, 2012
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The great playwright Oscar Wilde once said that “a work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.” This brings us to the latest art exhibit we visited. (Yes, we visit art exhibits. No, we don’t understand what the hell is happening in the artworks.)

Riding In Tandem, featuring works by’s Warren Espejo and FHM’s Arno Salvador, debuted last September 8, 2012 at Unit 4B of The Alternative Gallery in Cubao Expo. The exhibit coincided with clothing company The T.H.E’s third anniversary party—and their version of a party means DJs, skateboard tricks, and live graffiti making. The joint celebration gathered quite a curious mix of people: yuppies looking for something “artsy,” skater boys and girls, hip-hop kids, hipsters, other kids who wants to do what the other “cool” kids do, and the usual clueless adults (who got curious by all the fuss).

But, cheesy as this may sound, we were there for the art (and, of course, the opportunity to see ‘em cute hipster babes). And we must say that this is one exhibit that’s truly FHM-approved. We suggest that you check the exhibit out before it ends on September 29.
Now, back to Oscar Wilde, being that Arno and Warren (he occasionally draws for us) are FHM boys; we couldn’t help but notice how FHM their works seemingly are. That of course gives you a clear idea of what goes on inside all our noggins. However, we might be wrong, which is why we’ve decided to don our art critic hats and interpret their fine works, before asking them what it all really means. Hit the gallery below for our art deliberation (and for some really wonderfully drawn bosoms!):

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