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FHM Asks: 'Tang**a, Nasaan Ba Butones Ng Mga Damit Ni Carlos Agassi?!

Some guys are just asking for it
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 1, 2014
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You really can't blame Carlos Agassi for walking around like a spornosexual. Now that his showbiz career has slowed down, he has found other ways to use his, uhm, Boracay body.

Video via Yota Moe

But this is absolutely not an excuse to unbutton your polo every time a selfie is about to take place. Seriously, have you seen his Instagram posts lately? The Soshal Network recently published a funny story about the severity of his vanity, and it makes us want to ask: Anyare sa mga butones ni Carlos Agassi?

Scroll down to see what we mean!

Button your polo back up, Amir. It's not that hot outside.

Why can't this guy be more like his brother and pose like a normal person?  

Some guys are just asking for it.

This guy has no boundaries.

We're pretty sure that's not a pool, so put your shirt back on.

He can't even wear the very shirt he's supposed to be endorsing!

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No, Carlos. Guys in pizza places are into the other kind of six pack. Get out of there before someone sees you!

Photos Carlos Agassi's Instagram page
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