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FHM Man Awards: For Making You Look, Smell, and Feel Sharp

Do your body a favor by using these gems
by Neps Firmalan | Oct 4, 2013
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Man Awards

Because we like to come up with excuses to celebrate (and drink beer), and because we like to pay tribute to the things that help us become prime specimens of the macho sex, ladies and gents, welcome to the first-ever edition of the FHM Man Awards!

For the next few days you will be treated to a series of articles covering different aspects of guy life—that means no sissy stuff or anything that comes in pink (sorry, ladies). Think of the things that made you go high-five somebody. Think the best cars, shoes, sporting gear, clothes, accessories, even alcohol. If it was created for man and is really awesome, then it deserves an FHM Man Award!

On the following pages you'll be greeted by FHM's pick of the Best in Grooming; a list of products that helped us look pogi, smell papable, and have the right kind of energy and strength from within! Scroll down to start this mother! (Or you can click here for more of the FHM Man Awards!)

1. The "Making You #MOMOLReady" Award: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

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fhm man awards for grooming 1The perfect tool to shed your caveman looks, Gillette's Fusion ProGlide Power Razor comes with a first-in-the-market five-blade setup and a large lubricating strip for a more precise shave. And since it's also battery-powered, you'll need minimal effort to get rid of your stubs, perfect for the Juan Tamad in you.

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2. The "Free Your Hair From The D" Award: Clear Cool Sport Menthol


With its potent dandruff-fighting skills and loads of nutrients your hair will love, Clear Cool Sport Menthol will signal the end of your awkward tingin-sa-shoulder days. As its name says, it also comes with menthol to help you relax more as you let your locks soak up its suds.

3. The "Cleaning and Teasing Your Teeth" Award: CloseUp Fire-Freeze

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