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A 'Back To The Future' Porn Parody, Future Humans, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Cool science tidbits, awesome man toys, and, as always, gorgeous women in this week's dose of man knowledge!
by Mars Salazar | Oct 23, 2015
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A girl with possibly the longest legs in the world, a huge perk of being a panganay, future humans, and more Back To The Future madness—all that and much more in this fresh edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Read on for your regular dose of man knowledge, gents!

Traffic, sickness, and waking up late are the usual reasons to be tardy, but where’s the fun in those? Cool dad Seth King came up with crazy (unbelievable) excuses for his kids, like his son creating Pacquiao bandages and his daughter chasing "frogicorns," that you shouldn't use if you don't want to get fired.

Holly Burt
may only be 20 years old but, at 6’5” with 49.5-inch legs, she’s currently in the running for having the longest stems in the world. Girl’s got some really great genes!

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The trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released, and HOLY COW WE’VE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED FOR A MOVIE IN SUCH A LONG TIME!!! Do watch it, bros.

Are you the eldest in your sibling brood? Yes? Congrats! Science says you’re probably the smartest among your siblings. Oldest kids are apparently more likely to get an estimated 1.5-point IQ boost since they have their parents’ undivided attention for a few years. Do you agree?

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If you can still remember your science lessons, you know that earth will be doomed when the sun expands in the far-off future. NASA was recently able to witness an old star destroying a planet, and it sounds scary. "The white dwarf was ripping it apart by its extreme gravity and turning it into dust," says Vanderburg, a graduate student at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Good thing we’ll all be dead by then, huh?

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It’s confirmed: Jessy Mendiola is single again! Now’s our chance, bros!

17-year-old sneakerhead Jose Armando Bustamante is making big bucks from restoring old sneakers, and he’s doing a really excellent job, as you’ll see in his revival of a pair of rotting Air Jordans into a good-as-new $400 (around P18,600) pair. Dude’s got a really good gig going on!

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Looks like Henry Cavill a.k.a. Superman has found his real-life Lois Lane in 19-year-old college freshman and blonde bombshell Tara King. Yep, he’s lucky, all right.

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We can now express our emotions more accurately than ever with the newest set of emojis for iPhones and iPads, which includes unicorns, hotdog sandwiches, and—best of all—a raised middle finger. Good job, Apple!

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In case you missed it (we hope you didn’t!), Back To The Future Day happened last October 21, 2015. As expected, the Internet went crazy over all things related to the classic sci-fi movie, like these real self-lacing kicks that Nike sent to Michael J. Fox a.k.a. the Marty McFly. How fitting!

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Toyota came out with a Back To The Future Tacoma, and it’s a splendid truck any boy from the past, the present, or the future would love to drive around.

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Marty McFly and Doc Brown crashed the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, only to find out that the real future isn’t as fun as they thought it would be. Oh, well.

Aaaand...of course there’s a porn parody of Back To The Future, and it's called—wait for it—Fap To The FuturePlus points for the pun-tastic title.

Now here’s a realistic look at how humans will be like 1,000 years into the future. Great Scott! We’re all gonna look really, really hot! Good job, humanity.

There’s actually a dude out there who paints using his dick—you read that right, his dick—and he’s churning out one impressive masterpiece after another. As amazing as that talent sounds, can you imagine how, uhm, hard it’ll be to clean up, though? 

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