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FHM Mobile Has a New Number

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by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 9, 2010
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FHM TV isn't the only FHM arm that has recently received an upgrade. FHM Mobile, your cellphone’s gateway to all things FHM, has seen some changes, too!  [firstpara]

First off, our new digits. All the cellphone goodies can be made yours by punching 2640 code! That's right, 2640—keep it in mind, bro because you never know when you'll need a burst of FHM.

And you may want that burst of FHM goodness because FHM Mobile has been fortified. By texting FHM BABES ON to 2640, you get never-before-seen, mobile-exclusive photos of your favorite babes! We suggest this service for those who can’t get enough of Paulene So or Jahziel Manabat.

If you want to hear more of those ladies confessions, text FHM LC ON to 2640. We’ve got new ladies confessions coming in everyday, and we’re more than willing to share them with you through your phone.

Looking for a quick laugh?  Text FHM JOKES ON to 2640 and you get the best of bar room jokes! Works great too during inuman sessions, and you need a good, funny story to show your friends just how funny you are!

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FHM Mobile also makes it easy for you to get your suggestions, ideas, tips, requests and opinions heard. Just text FHM ED to 2640, and let us know just how much you love or *gasp* hate us.

So don’t be shy now. Think of FHM Mobile as an imaginary girlfriend who’ll bring the sexy and the funny, as well as someone who’ll listen to your rants, whenever you feel the need!


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