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Guess Who: Our October 2013 Cover Girl!

We won't tell
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 19, 2013
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Hey there, Nostradamus incarnates! In line with the nationwide release of our October 2013 issue this weekend, it's time once again for our monthly FHM Guessing Game!

Mind you, not only are we under very strict orders not to reveal anything about our incoming cover babe, but we also instructed her not to post anything about her photo shoot in any of her social media accounts. That's right, we know better now. You know what that means? The odds aren't in your favor this month. We know it's still early in the game but...score one for the FHM staffers!

Well, maybe you can still shock us. We're still required to show you this teaser photo after all...

Cover Teaser
There you go, man. Let's analyze this one a bit: Who among today's hottest celebrities can pull off this look? Is our secret cover babe coming out as a biker chick, or a dominatrix fan girl? You know what, we have no idea either. Consider yourselves screwed!

Okay, again, maybe not that screwed. We're also required to show you a teaser video. Go to the next page for that one!

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