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FHM October Issue Out Now!

<p>Survivor babes, former sex goddesses, and tales of blood and Facebook</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 29, 2010
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From the statuesque beauty that was September’s Bianca Manalo, FHM now takes you on a wild, exotic trip featuring Survivor alumnae Jef Gaitan & Wendy Valdez in the October issue, out now everywhere. [firstpara]

With the help of wild birds, pythons, and a rather nonchalant iguana, these untamed, reality show beauties will show you just how wild they’ve gotten. Dare we say these fiercely beautiful cover girls are sure to bring out the animal in you.

What’s sure to bring out the animal in you are the same things that brought out the animal in your dads and uncles: All-time list of Pinoy cinema’s foxiest hotties.

Alma Moreno, Rio Locsin, Nanette Medved, Cristina Gonzales, Amanda Page and 21 other classic silver-screen beauties figure in this list. If FHM existed then, these women would certainly have appeared on the cover!

Another classic feature to go along those immortal hotties: Some 19 most memorable Pinoy film quotes! FHM tries to reshape their meaning and apply them in a different context.

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“Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?” was once uttered in the Vilma Santos starrer Sister Stella L. (1984). In the context of this article, we take its meaning to be “Please go out, and buy the October issue now. It’s awesome.”

Expand your hemoglobin knowledge, as the October issue also explains how to interpret bleeding from various body parts, and that nosebleeds aren’t exactly caused by an overload of English.

We dive into the complicated issues surrounding social networking too, and attempt to understand, among other things, why we add “LOL” to every comment that we fear might sound mean, and why we need to add every person we’ve ever said “hi” to in Facebook.   

Car show models Gwen Ceridwen, Toni Rose Maniago, FHM House of Sexy winner Eunique Pineda, German model and DJ Miss Nine, along with the latest gears, gadgets, and movies and music news top off another great FHM issue. So, kilos na!

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