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FHM Reacts to the 'Tanggal Itlog' Issue

Sucks to be Atty. Topacio right now
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 18, 2011
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First things first: The former president is getting weaker by the day, and we truly wish for Gloria Arroyo to get the best treatment possible the soonest possible time.

But in the thick of things, the one huge highlight will have to be the "“tanggal itlog” issue with Atty. Ferdinand Topacio.

It's a crazy world, we tell you, and the ongoing Supreme Court/Department of Justice debacle is even crazier. Hell, it's putting to shame the drama in PBB (What drama, you may ask. That's exactly our point).

Now, because it's Friday, and that whole Temporary Restraining Order and Hold Departure Order confusion is confusing us, allow us to regain our sanity and make light of this issue. 

Kudos to the guy for sticking up to the Arroyos and offering a lone testicle for it. By doing so, however, Atty. Topacio only laid himself prey for all the nasty-humored citizens of the web to devour. Dahil sinabi mo ‘yan, sir, etong sayo:


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