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FHM Reacts to the Death of Gadhafi

More than anything, we're just happy for Libya
by Mikey Agulto | Oct 21, 2011
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Moammar Gadhafi is dead. The long-time dictator – Gadhafi ruled Libya for 42 years - had been killed in his hometown of Sirte. Newsreports say he died of a gunshot wound to the head. He was 69 years old.

Don’t worry now; we also didn't know this guy until his globally boisterous ousting two months ago. We didn’t even realize Libya has been in a deep state of dictatorship for that 42 years, or maybe we just thought the entirety of Middle East rolls that way because of 9/11. How insensible of us, we know.

But to the bigger detail – another decade-defying tyrant has met his demise, joining the ranks of a certain Adolf Hitler and a Saddam Hussein. We’re pretty sure a good number of Libyans died in this whole debacle, so we’d pit him under Osama Bin Laden’s turf, as well. Bottom line is, the world has one less trouble, and Libya is now about to enter a state of liberation. Happy for them.

We also did actually see the footage of Gadhafi’s death – shame we did so courtesy of TMZ instead of CNN but information is information – which is particularly disturbing. After a series of chases and gunfights, a significant escapist is bound to be caught and shot dead.

People are commending US President Obama for Gadhafi’s assassination, but we believe the Libyan leader has long been getting death threats from his own people. Some would even say we can score this one for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), an intergovernmental military alliance that has held operations in Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Libya through the years. If it's indeed true, props to these guys.

The things we now know about Libya: it has long been isolated from the world after Gadhafi turned the country into an Arab Republic in 1969. The man has long been notorious in the world’s most wanted list, eventually reaching the top spot after Bin Laden’s demise in Pakistan earlier this year. We’re too late the hero, but it’s like we’re learning history here.

So in the midst of this groundbreaking news—and the many losses that preceeded it — is the sole realization striking us at the moment is that the world is turning. Witness: The world just lost a certain Steve Jobs as it was also relieved of a Bin Laden last May and a Gadhafi today. Score one for the worse, two for the better. We’re liking our chances.

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