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FHM Reklamador: Join Us As We Hunt Down Epal Politikos!

It's a dirty world
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 4, 2013
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FHM Reklamador

What can FHM Nation—all 1.2 million of us—do to clean up Philippine politics? Well, we could always vote for the right people, but we could also opt to put the worst of 'em out of contention. Fun, right?

Welcome to FHM Reklamador—a hub where we give naughty and failing politicians the citation ticket they deserve. A place where we call out those who engage in any prohibited form of election propaganda, be it a petty rivalry between competing mayoral candidates or powerful families who try their darnest to keep their political dynasty alive.

Together, we mock these fools. What say you? Deal!

And here's how we're going to do it: If you see any photo, video, or news item that spells E-P-A-L or even K-U-P-A-L make sumbong by sending said material to, and we promise to include it in the series of stories under the FHM Reklamador banner.

Have no clue what's EPAL or KUPAL? Press play on the video below for a prime example:

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Photos from Anti-Epal Facebook Fan Page
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