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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Kate Upton Apologizes For Being Sexiest Woman Alive, The Minaj Nip-slip, And Samboy Is Out Of The ICU

We send off the penultimate working Monday of the year with a Kate Upton-powered bang!
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 22, 2014
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Just a few more winks, and Christmas arrives. We're supposed to be super happy. But we're not. It's because it's a Monday.

But there are a few things are uplifting our sour mood: 

a) The fact that we're up for a long vacation from December 24 to January 2, with the only legal work day being December 29, and...

b) These 10 things below that we clicked on the past few days, put together to form this edition of FHM's Best Of The Weekend!

1)   THE SKYWALKER LIVES: Samboy Lim out of ICU

Rejoice, PBA fans! Samboy Lim has finally gotten out of the intensive care unit of the Medical City, three weeks after collapsing in an exhibition game on November 28. For those sensitive few weeks, the high-flying legend was grounded to his bed. Reports are coming in that he's now breathing on his own and his organs have stabilized. According to GMA, the good news was reported by columnist Quinito Henson via a tweet:

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2)   HACKER POWER: Anonymous Claims They Will Release 'The Interview' Themselves

When North Korea put a stop to Sony's The Interview, we were all like, if North Korea can do this sort of thing, who's to stop them? Apparently, the hacker collective known as Anonymous might just be the hero we deserve. 

Over at, it has been reported that the hacker collective has decided to put things in their own hands, and see to it that the world sees the controversial James Franco-Seth Rogen starrer.

Here are their tweets from their account as they appeared on Uproxx. The Anonymous twitter account has been suspended by Twitter as of this writing:

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3)   ONE MILLION DOLLARS: Mike Myers returns as Dr. Evil on
SNL to poke fun at the evil lords of North Korea and Sony

In related Sony-NoKor news, the gods of funny at SNL have called upon Dr. Evil to voice out his opinions regarding the equally evil conglomerates of Sony and North Korea. Prepare your "lazers," Dr. Evil minions!

Video via

4)   THE UPTON HOUR:  Kate Upton apologizes for being the sexiest woman alive 

Image via

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Here's a fact that men nod to universally: Kate Upton is hot. Perhaps the only one who don't are her dad and 18-year-old brother.

In fact, as reported by Inquisitr, when Kate Upton won and accepted the Sexiest Woman Award at the People Magazine Awards, the bombshell had a few choice words for her bro: "I'm so, so sorry to my 18-year-old brother. Poor David." She then deadpans, "You have to imagine being an 18-year-old boy and your sister being called Sexiest Woman, it must kind of suck, although he never complains.”

Her brother, David, apparently has become the most popular kid in his grade—but only because all the boys bug him about his sister.

5)   THE JORDAN REMEDY: Beau Belga's going to wear his rare Jordan XI's no matter what

Thanks to a report by, we now know that Rain Or Shine's Beau Belga was one of those who were lucky enough to cop a pair of the most sought-after Jordans right now, the Jordan XI Legend Blue:

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The shoe was locally released on Saturday, December 20. Beau wore it in Game 2 of the PBA Philippine Cup semis against Alaska, but promptly injured his ankle in the first half. They won, 102-95, but his message is clear: He's not letting a small injury stop him from wearing the Legend Blue in the next game.

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Oo naman, isusuot ko pa rin siya next game. Sayang kung idi-display mo lang, e,” said Big Beau. Oo nga naman.

6)   GOOD DEED OF THE WEEKEND: Grizzlies players pool money to buy team assistant a new car after his was stolen

The Memphis Grizzlies are anything but teddy bears this season. They hold a 21-6 record, good for first in the NBA's Southwest Division, and are taking away their rivals' lunch money. What's good about them is that while they have been mean on court, they have been nice off of it.

On December 19, the team pooled their money to give team assistant, Brandon, a brand new car after his old ride was stolen.

Check it out:  

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7)   KA-CHING: BSP issues commemorative coins to honor Pinoy heroes, Papal visit

Do you like collecting shoes? No? How about cars? Not really? What's that? You like coins? Then boy do we have news for you. The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas announced last Friday, December 19, that they'll be releasing a total of 10 million pieces of the coins below:

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The two P5 variants pay tribute to OFWs and the 50th anniversary of the Leyte Gulf landing of General Macarthur. The P10 coin celebrates Apolinario Mabini's 150th birthday.

The BSP will also release commemorative P50 and P500 coins for Pope Francis' visit. A P500 coin? There's a coin that isn't mere "barya-barya."

8)   SPIDER SENSES, TINGLING: Is Tobey Maguire taking back the Spider-man cowl from Andrew Garfield?

If you grew up watching the Tobey Maguire Spider-man movies, and was depressed when Andrew Garfield took over the role, well, we've got some good news. The next Spider-man movie just might star the old Spidey.

According to an International Business Times report, Garfield supposedly had a falling out with the producers of the movie and Sony itself, which prodded the company to revoke his three-film contract. Production is now looking at new candidates for the famous web-slinger, with one of them being an older Maguire returning to portray an older Spidey.  

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Hey, we might just start watching the Spider-man movies again, after all. Just none of this anymore please:

Video via xXxFreestylerz0xXxx

9)   NIP-CEPTION: Nicki Minaj had a nip slip while talking about nip slips

In a moment of irony, booty-licious pop star Nicki Minaj had a nip slip while appearing on US talk show Watch What Happens Live just as the topic of the day was...nip-slips. Oh, we watched indeed, but not the live broadcast. We'll leave you guys to hunt for the clip on your own but here are some photos:

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