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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Aiko Climaco Spoofs RR Enriquez, MMA Fighter Uses Video Game Move, And Selena Gomez Stars In 50 Shades Parody

<em>FHM</em> cover girls spoof <em>FHM</em> cover girl, Hollywood star spoofs controversial movie, and all the NBA All-Star dunks you can take!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 16, 2015
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If you did the weekend right, you're probably coming off a real high right now. First of all, it was Valentine's so if you're lucky, you got lucky. Second--and this is far more important--the NBA All-Star Weekend rumbled through TV sets nationwide.

From an epic weekend though, we come to this horrible, horrible reality: It's f*cking Monday. And some of us are missing the most significant moment of All-Star weekend, the All-Star game. We'll try our best to distract you with some good news whilst you scrounge for that elusive online link to the game. Here's FHM's Best Of The Weekend!

1)   ICYMI: The NBA All-Star Weekend, so far

The All-Star Weekend has just concluded with the West toppling the East, 163-158, Russell Westbrook taking home the MVP with 41 points (the second highest point total ever in history), and a couple of highlights that Basketball TV will probably be running endlessly for a good two months.

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Other highlights: Andrew Wiggins put yet another star on his rookie campaign as the Canadian phenom led "The World" to a victory against Team USA, 121-112. The trio of Chris Bosh, Atlanta Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins, and the WNBA's Swin Cash went for their three-peat in the Shooting Stars challenge. The Houston Rockets' Patrick Beverly kicked into warp speed as he bested the likes of the Toronto Raptors' Kyle Lowry and Atlanta's Jeff Teague in the Skills Challenge.

In the big three-point contest, the Splash Bros Klay Thompson and Steph Curry along with Kyrie Irving competed in the final round, with Curry proving to be the hottest shooter that night with a title-clinching 27 points. And lastly, in the dunk contest, Minnesota Timberwolves rookie Zach Lavine proved that he was untouchable in the air game as he dealt a bevy of dunks that legitimately coaxed out swear words from us. The Orlando Magic's Victor Oladipo stepped up to the plate in the early game but sputtered on his final dunks. Lavine simply was THE man that night, and showed us a dunk contest that rivaled Vince Carter's in 2000—almost. 

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Video via NBA

2)   MEME OF THE WEEKEND: "Minsan Ikaw" meme takes over

Seen these yet?

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Philippine Internet's biggest craze over the weekend involved the work of artist Gio Miniano, who playfully juxtaposed characteristics of non-human objects with humans. 

3)   WE'LL BELIEVE IT WHEN THE TWO BOXERS ARE IN THE RING: Mayweather-Pacquiao said to be a done deal.

Another weekend has passed without an official confirmation of that Big Fight.

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The British website though has reported that yes, the fight is happening. The report goes as follows:

"A source close to the Filipino boxer and congressman revealed to The Sunday Telegraph that Pacquiao completed his contractual agreements on Saturday and that Mayweather is set to sign and will announce the contest which is expected to be worth $250 million (£162 million) in the coming days."

The fight is said to have been set at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 2, with various elements including drug testing, network broadcasting rights, pay-per-view splits, and glove types already having been agreed upon. 

We've been led on so many times though by reports like these that at this point, we'll only believe the fight to be true when we actually see these two fighters on the same ring. 

4)   SHUTTING DOWN: Ragnarok Online Philippines says goodbye

Continue reading below ↓ reports that one of the country's pioneers in online gaming, Ragnarok Online, is shutting its doors. The massively-multiplayer online RPG was launched here in 2003 by Level Up! Games, and was an instant hit among gamers, in spite of the super slow Internet back then.

The rise of free-to-play online games drew a large portion of the subscription-based Ragnarok Online in the late 2000s, eventually leading to its demise on March 31, 2015 when its servers are finally put down.

Worry not if you're a player of the game though. Level Up! is currently looking for ways to migrate your character to an international server.

5)   THE TRUTH ABOUT HOMER: The Simpsons "Coma Theory" gains steam over the weekend

Fans create all sorts of over-the-top theories about their favorite shows all the time. The most recent (and most intriguing one) is the theory that Homer Simpson is in a comatose condition, and everything that's happening in the show now are his dreams.

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The theory was propagated by YouTube user KMACK TIME who argues that Homer never rose from the coma he falls into in the Season 4 episode “So It’s Come To This: A Simpsons Clip Show.” All that has happened since the episode's airing on April 1, 1993 are all just Homer's coma-induced dreams—or so KMACK TIME posits.

Watch his explanation here:

Video via KMACK TIME

While he does raise intriguing points, the truth is the show's still just a cartoon with no loyalty to biological facts or whatnot. Also, a Simpsons producer has come out in the open to declare that no, Homer ain't in no coma.

6)   GAME SHOW SHENANIGANS: Crystal Maze might be getting a reboot

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Remember Crystal Maze? That crazy '90s game show where contestants try to solve puzzles in order to acquire crystals they can use in the jackpot round? No? 

We featured the old show that used to run on the now-defunct RPN9, if in case you're not a '90s kid. If you are though, you might be interested to know that the show's celebrating its 25th anniversary in the UK with a marathon rerun of its episodes.

While there have been no final plans for any studio to bankroll a resurrection of the cult game show, the time is ripe for a reboot.

7)   VALENTINE'S DAY WANKING: PornHub releases Valentine's Day numbers for porn searches

Surprise! Valentine's is a good day to watch porn, apparently!

The world's biggest porn site in the world released these figures for UK men regarding porn site usage for Valentine's:

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What stuck out was that there was a huge increase for searches for bondage! It also looks like that people drank a lot on Friday night as "hangover" became a big search term that day, too!

What was your Valentine's Day porn experience?

8)   AIKO ADVENTURES: Banana Split Spoofs RR Enriquez

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Remember that rude horn prank that RR Enriquez pulled last week? The one that got netizens fuming? Well, our cover girls Aiko Climaco (the current muse!) and Sunshine Garcia (one of January 2015's ladies) made fun of the entire issue in a Banana Split skit: 

Video via ABS-CBN

9)   FINISH HIM: MMA fighter finishes opponent with video game move!

MMA fighter Shane Campbell defeated Derek Boyle in the third round of the World Series Of Fighting event.

It could've been just another fight that ended without hullabaloo...until Campbell decided to bust out his special move.

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