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FHM's Best Of The (Long) Weekend: The Everything Else Not Pope-Related Edition

Dismembered genitals, crushed balls, and Kate Upton fake marriage proposals figure in this week's Best Of The Weekend!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 20, 2015
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Welcome back, FHM f(r)iends!

The Man From The Vatican has returned to, well, the Vatican thus concluding the admittedly epic #PopeFeverWeekend2015. The Pope took Manila by storm and made the nation swoon with a simple wave of the hand.

Contrary to popular belief though, other things also happened during that stretch. Below are ten of these things, collated for this week's FHM's Best of the Weekend!

CHINITAS: China has a copy of everything including...Victoria's Secret

It's a well-known fact that China is pretty good at copying stuff. Majority of the time, we laugh at the imitations. This is that rare occasion that we didn't, because of these:

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Images via

On January 19, reported that China's Chengdu University of Technology held a fashion show that's strikingly similar to that famous one involving lingerie angels. We aren't complaining.

LOGGING UPDATES: SM Baguio cuts trees while the city slept

Image via Rappler

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While everyone's attention was focused on Pope Francis, SM City Baguio was reported to have cut down the trees on a lot adjacent to their mall. The mall has gotten in trouble before for what people have perceived as a crime against nature and a show of insatiable greed. This is the latest in that conflict, with the surreptitious manner by which the logging was done adding evil points to the big corporation.   

The logging was said to have been performed on the night of January 16 up to dawn of January 17, Rappler reports.

IN OTHER CHOPPING NEWS: Woman in China slices husband's penis

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As reported by, a Chinese woman is facing jailtime after committing the worst crime you could do to a man: chopping off her cheating husband's penis. Twice. Yes, TWICE.

The woman, 30-year-old Feng Lung, used a pair of scissors to do the deed as her husband slept in their bedroom. She caught her hubby's illicit affairs after having come across text messages between her hubby and his women. That was the first cut.

The second cut happened in the hospital where the husband's penis was reattached. The wife snuck into the hospital room, and cut it off again. To add insult, the woman threw it out the window, and it was never found again.

Authorities say that it may have been taken by a stray animal. Guys, you know what they say: Hell has no wrath like a woman cheated upon.  


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In a game between the Dallas Mavericks and Memphis Grizzlies today in the NBA, this happened:  


The world's not very friendly to man-genitals this week.

A REALLY BAD JOKE: Kate Upton almost got engaged
but not really

Twenty-two-year-old super hottie Kate Upton has been dating Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander since 2011—an eternity in the celeb dating scene.

So we had enough reason to believe that this picture that Kate posted on her Twitter was true:

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The moment we saw it felt like seeing the mommy dinosaur in The Land Before Time (kids, Wiki it) die. But we all let a collective sigh of relief when Kate posted this follow-up:

Fantastic. Now we can continue fantasizing that we might still get a chance to date Kate.

THE KIND OF JOKE WE LIKE: Japanese office attacked by full-sized Gundam

Pranks are an art form in Japan. And boy have they outdone themselves yet again with a prank involving a giant "Zaku II" robot from Gundam, and extremely mortified employees, as shown in a video released last January 15:  


Dammit, Japan, why you so good?  

Game Of Thrones opening redone in Little Big Planet 3

You know who else are berigud? People who make such awesome creations in build-'em-up PlayStation game, Little Big Planet 3.

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This one by YouTube user TheJamster1992 LBP recreated the iconic Game Of Thrones opening sequence using only the game's tools, from the music to the camera movement to the objects used. Game site reports that the little big project took two weeks to make.

See it here:  

Video via TheJamster1992 LBP


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We knew that Google was firmly onboard the wearables train when they invested on geek eyewear Google Glass, a piece of tech that essentially fed visual information straight from a pair of eyeglasses to your eyes.

On January 15, reported that Google is killing the Glass program...although not entirely. The search giant has put the team, in its current form, to rest after the reception hasn't been as warm to the product. In the future though, Google has more than hinted that the program will be revived, although chances have become slimmer of the product being designed for the general consumer. The company may be shifting to business applications, the reports say, for this particular product.

If you want to buy it, today is the last chance you'll get to do so.

DO-OR-DIE TIME: Alaska forces Game 7 in PBA finals

Image via 

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Last January 18, the back-and-forth battle between the last remaining titans in the ongoing PBA Philippine Cup, the Alaska Aces and the San Miguel Beermen continued. Facing elimination, Alaska stormed back from an 18-4 deficit in the first quarter to take the game, 87-76, and force a Game 7, which happens tomorrow, January 21. reports that the key for the comeback victory can be found in the hustle department. Alaska out-rebounded San Miguel, 57-46, out-pointed them in the paint, 58-22, and triumphed in the bench scoring department, 53-12.

Will San Miguel finally win one in the All-Filipino cup after 14 long years? Or will Alaska add another to their trophy case? Kampihan na!

IT'S A LIE: That viral "Maroon 5 Crashing Real Weddings" video is fake

On January 14, a video of Maroon 5 crashing real weddings for an impromptu performance made the rounds on the interwebs. In case you're not one of the 42 million who have already seen the clip, here it is:  

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