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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Eminem 'Comes Out Of The Closet,' The PNP's Most Wanted List, And That Not-So-Funny Ateneo Hoodie

Are Ateneans always right? Eminem is "gay." Why Alex Gonzaga is the funniest gal on TV today. And the latest details about AirAsia Flight QZ8501.
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 29, 2014
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Of course, the only legal work day in the entire Christmas break had to fall on a Monday. It's annoying. And kind of funny. But mostly annoying.

But the news bits we found from the Internet last weekend should take the boredom and blues away. Welcome to the latest edition of FHM's Best of the Weekend!

1)   NO BOUNDARIES: This Ateneo hoodie just crossed the line

Last night, Archipelago frontman Yan Yuzon posted the following message on Facebook: "I graduated from THE Ateneo (don't forget the 'the'), and I would like to say that whoever thought of this hoodie (being sold on an Atenean page here on Facebook) needs to brush up on a few design, business, and HUMILITY courses. I find it despicable that there are still people in our community who find this shit cute." We think he's right—and not because he graduated from THE Ateneo.


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2)   TIME FLIES WHEN YOU'RE HAVING A LAUGH: The original cast of
Goin' Bulilit are all grown up

Sunday's episode of Goin' Bulilit featured the show's original cast, even though none of them are bulilits anymore. Present at the reunion were Julia Montes, Kiray Celis, Sharlene San Pedro, Miles Ocampo, and Angel Sy, among others. Wait, how come Kathryn Bernardo wasn't there?


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3)   FUNNY IS THE NEW SEXY: Alex Gonzaga is
FHM's latest crush

Alex's appearance on The Buzz yesterday totally made us LOL.

Alex Gonzaga

4)   STILL ON THE LOOSE: PNP updates its Most Wanted list

In a nutshell, the Philippine National Police is looking for a rapist, an arsonist, a couple of robbers, and several murderers. You may want to entertain the idea of becoming a bounty hunter; the total reward payout is close to P25 million!

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Most Wanted

Exodus: Gods and Kings

The United Arab Emirates is reportedly banning the film due to its inaccurate portrayal of the Islam culture. "This movie is under our review and we found that there are many mistakes not only about Islam but other religions, too. So, we will not release it in the UAE," explains Juma Obeid Al Leem of the National Media Council. It's like The Interview all over again.

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6)   HOUSTON, WE HAVE A BACKUP: Josh Smith impresses in his first game as a Rocket

Josh Smith, who was released by the Detroit Pistons a week ago, had 21 points, eight rebounds, and three assists in his debut with the Rockets last weekend. We don't know what went wrong in Detroit, but the veteran forward seems to be a lot happier in Houston.

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Josh Smith

7)   EEEWWW: Toxicologists claim local firecrackers may also contain animal poop

The Department of Health advices the public not to buy firecrackers on New Year's Eve, most notably the ones that contain, uhm, manure. "Yung chances of infection mas mataas lalo na kung madumi [ang paputok]," Dr. Richard Dimagiba tells GMA News. "Minsan dumi ng hayop, minsan dumi ng tao. Hinahalo nila sa paputok kasi nitrates yun, eh." If the possibility of losing a finger doesn't scare people off, maybe poop will.

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Video via GMA News And Public Affairs

8)   CONGRATULATIONS: Jennylyn wins Best Actress for
English Only, Please

"Thank you, Lord!" exclaims Jennylyn Mercado, who won Best Actress at the recently concluded 40th MMFF Awards Night for her performance in English Only, Please. "Hindi magiging maganda ang resulta nun kung wala yung mga nag-push at nagtiwala sa akin." Congratulations, Jen!

Video via GMA News And Public Affairs


In the opening scene of The Interview, the rapper pokes fun of himself by coming out as a homosexual on national television. "When I say things about gay people, people think that my lyrics are homophobic. [That's not true], because I'm gay," Eminem reveals. "I'm a homosexual. I like men. I'm more shocked that people haven't figured it out yet. I mean it's kind of like I've been playing gay peek-a-boo." Maybe this is the scene the hackers were trying to block!

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