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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: Steve Nash Retires, The Fatal Rey Mysterio Drop-Kick Accident, And Celebrities With Porn Star Lookalikes

We'll all remember this weekend as The Weekend Steve Nash Said Goodbye.
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 23, 2015
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Today, we offer a candle of hope for everyone suffering from the Monday blues. Better than any inspirational quote you pulled from the Internet, these headlines from the past two days offer a shot of adrenaline to help you make it through another work week.

Here now is FHM's Best Of The Weekend!

1)   SALUTE TO A LEGEND: Steve Nash retires

A moment of silence, hoop fans, as we say goodbye to a true legend of the game, Stephen John "Steve" Nash. The 41-year-old Laker has played all but 15 games this year due to a nerve injury, thus leading to his retirement. The Suns legend, two-time MVP, and the man with the third-highest assists tally in league history announced the news in a self-written article through The Players' Tribune, a website he co-owns.

Image via The Players' Tribune

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2)   YOUR NEWEST TV WARRIORS: Meet the Sand Snakes of
Game Of Thrones' Season 5

New details from the sensational medieval super-series surface as we approach its return-date of April 12. Over the weekend, the official GOT channel on YouTube released a very interesting tidbit for anyone who tunes in to the series because of the bloody battles. Meet Dorne's Sand Snakes, the desert-based femme fatales that no Westeros man would ever want to piss off.  

Video via Game Of Thrones

3)   HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER: Have you seen the newest
Mortal Kombat X contender?

Hot off the heels of the Jason Voorhees character reveal, Mortal Kombat X creators revealed another movie icon over the weekend as the latest addition to their game. Schwarzenegger will be psyched:

Video via Machinima

4)   CANNOT UNSEE: Female napkin ad parody uses red liquid

Ever wondered why napkin ads use blue blood to illustrate the napkin's absorbent property? This should answer your question:

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Video via UCBComedy

THE VOICE: ABS-CBN's Your Face Sounds Familiar produces comedic gems

There's a new reality talent show airing on ABS-CBN on Sundays where celebrities try to impersonate other singers and their popular songs. The show is on its second week, and one of the funniest performances last night was of Nyoy Volante and his impersonation of Yoyoy Villame and his song "Buchikik."

Video via ABS-CBN Entertainment

Some of our other favorite performances include Melai Cantiveros' hilarious bit as Nora Aunor, singing "Pearly Shells."

ASIA'S GOT TALENT: Rodfil does duet with veggie vendor 

Lip-syncing star Rodfil, also a Bubble Gang mainstay in recent years, joined the AXN talent show for its second episode. Surprisingly, Rodfil wasn't with his longtime partner-in-crime in Moymoy Palaboy and brother, James Ronald. Instead, Rodfil performed with a 54-year-old biritera named Fe Garcia who swayed the judges to their favor.

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Watch it here:

Video via Asia's Got Talent

: Former WWE star Rey Mysterio might be charged with manslaughter after wrestling accident

A fatal accident occurred during a tag team match in Mexico over the weekend as Rey Mysterio performed a drop-kick on wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. 

The kick hit the neck of the 35-year-old luchador, which broke his neck and killed him. There is currently a video of the exact incident online but it's not for the weak of heart:

Video via World Trends

UPDATE: Here's another angle that shows when the actual kick lands on Aguayo's neck:

Video via Chikiz Yumi

In spite of the incident being accidental, reports say that Mysterio (real name, Oscar Gutierrez) might be investigated upon for manslaughter.

Mysterio tweeted this about the incident:

“We formed our friendship of brothers only a few years back and we should not question God's plan. But on this occasion, I'm asking why and I don't understand. I miss you and will take you with me for the rest of my life, rest in peace Hijo del Perro.”

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8)   LIST OF THE WEEKEND: Famous women that have doppelgangers in the adult movie industry

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