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FHM's Best Of The Weekend: A Camarines Scandal, Dwyane Wade Meets Lola, And A Deadly Pufferfish Incident

This week's most attention-grabbing headlines include hardcore 90-year-old NBA fans, a Kia Sorento beatdown and yet another sex scandal.
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 27, 2014
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Feeling sluggish? Don’t worry our friend, you are not alone. It is a Monday after all. Worse, it is still three days before sweldo.

We do have something to distract you with until that awesome day comes:  the most attention-grabbing headlines from the weekend that was. Geeks, LOTR fans, and Kia Sorento non-fans, assemble!

1) AN IDEA WE’RE NOT SURE IS TOTALLY BENEFICIAL TO LIFE AS WE KNOW IT: Japanese Hobbyists Build A Working Transformer

Japanese hobbyists Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki have built a real-life Transformer. Called the J-deite Quarter (weird name, right?) the robot can walk and can transform into a sports car that can drive around autonomously. It stands at four feet tall, with its moral orientation (is it an Autobot or Decepticon?) still unknown.

Video via Project J-deite

Read more about it here.

2) AIRPLANE SHENANIGANS (WITH HOBBITS!): Air New Zealand’s Hobbit Safety Video

An air travel company has just made the coolest airplane safety video ever—not just there’s a lot of competition out there. While most of us would sleep through the safety procedure briefing that we encounter during flights, here’s one that we watched the whole way through because of cameos from Lord of the Rings icons.

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Video via Air New Zealand

Read more about it here.

3) A KIA SORENTO UPDATE: Ginebra Dominant Again In 32-point blowout against Kia

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