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Guess Who: FHM's September 2015 Cover Girl!

Time for another round of the sexiest <em>hulaan</em> game on the Internet!
by Neps Firmalan | Aug 27, 2015
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Ready your girl-guessing powers, lads! It's time for another round of the sexiest hulaan game on the Internet: FHM Guess Who!

So, who do you think is our Cover Girl for September? Well, she's no other than...the owner of this fine-looking knee:

fhm guess who
My oh my, that is one gorgeous knee!

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Too bad you can't see her face, but ardent players of this game know that the snapshot you just saw holds many clues that might just help you get her identity right.

For example:

- Notice the complexion. Judging by the skin tone, we're not looking at a morena. On the flipside, neither is she a white goddess like Sunshine Cruz.

- Then there's her hair. Again, not black but rather a nice mix of dark brown and deep gold.

- And finally, it seems she has no moles on that knee. That might just be another clue right there!

Still having a hard time? Here's her teaser video to help you out:

Yep, we think we've done enough spoon-feeding.

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