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FHM Sex Quiz

Which sex position are you?
| Feb 24, 2008
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WORDS: Alex C. Paita
ILLUSTRATION: Jennyson Rosero

Which sex position are you? Are you a plain missionary or a head-spinning cartwheel? Find out with this simple sex quiz…

1.You want things done…
A) At once, regardless of the results. (6 points)
B) As fast as I can, but with precision. (2)
C) Slowly but surely. (10)
D) I always make other people do things for me. (8)

2.What’s your main form of exercise?
A) Basketball every weekend. (0)
B) I go to the gym every day. (5)
C) I go to the gym, play basketball, go jogging every day. And did I tell you I was a national weightlifting champion? (10)
D) Walking to and fro the burger joint every five hours. (7)

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