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12 Reasons No Man Should Live Without The FHM Sexypedia!

Lo and behold, FHM's bro-bible about our favorite topic: SEX! And if that isn't enough reason for you to get a copy, we've laid out 12 more in this article...
| Feb 6, 2014
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Look what just landed on our table today:

It's the FHM Sexypedia, which you will come to know soon as your little big book of sexual knowledge. Yes folks, not only have we been working hard with every monthly issue of your favorite rag, we've also been trying to churn out books.

The latest is this Marian Rivera-bannered man-book on all things sex and sexy from fetishism,  sex positions, obscure tongue records to a smattering of important porn star facts, cover girl details, and alternative condom usage. On its 136 pages are the essential information you need to fill your brain with in order to be smarter in the art of The Sex.

And it's now available at supermarkets, newsstands, and bookstores nationwide for just P200! (You can also click here if you want to download a digital copy!)

Now, if you still need more proof why it's an essential book in every man's library, below are 12 pages we RIPPED OFF just to convince you to go get the sexiest Pinoy book evah!

1) It overanalyzes the effects of Jinri Park's underboob to men. Because if there's one thing we like overanalyzing, it's boobs—especially Jinri's.

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2) It references every man's favorite rom-com, There's Something About Mary.

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3) It visually explains how a man's x-ray powers work.

4) It offers a review of why the most basic sex positions are usually the ones that work the best.

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5) Look, Jahziel Manabat's nipple! We've seen it a million times but no real man's ever going to complain about seeing it again.

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