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True Stories: Who Knew?

New mistakes, same old having-a-laugh-at-other-people’s-flubs
| Jan 3, 2014
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My friends and I frequent a bar and resto along The Fort Strip after work. One night, we were discussing how ridiculous it seemed that only luxury and sports cars could park right across the restaurants. I joked that most men who drive nice cars are ugly.

Suddenly, a red Ferrari parked just in front of where we were seated. I then dared my friends that if the driver was ugly, they’d all drink two shots of tequila—but if the driver was actually good-looking, I’d drink all their shots. The joke was on me when Derek Ramsey stepped out of the red Ferrari and I had to down five shots of tequila. Phew!
Joeboy, by email

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Illustration Gilbert Daroy
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