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FHM True Stories: Getting A Beating From Mom

Everyone's a moving target
| Jun 5, 2014
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I went home to our ancestral house in Mindoro for the summer. My relatives there took me to a rural tour in one of the farms, where I saw a lot of cows and goats that they breed. One of the kids (as in young goat) got my attention, because it seemed friendly. It kept on galloping towards me so I took the chance to have a photo with it. Just when I was nearing the kid, the mother goat attacked, trying to ram me. I ran fast, but not fast enough as it ended up hitting my behind anyway. After that, I was so scared that I asked my relatives to just drop me off our at house to rest. So much for a summer adventure!
Frances Ortiz, by email

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FHM True Stories: Too Full Of Herself

Illustration Gilbert Daroy
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