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FHM True Stories: Too Hot To Handle

Ditzy is the new funny!
| Dec 5, 2013
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I got lucky when I was able to take my all-time crush out on a date. She’s a big eater, so I asked where she wanted to go and she politely replied, “Pwede ba sa Japanese resto?” Not that I was a first timer, but Japanese food really isn’t my thing. But of course, I had to go for it.

We ordered a plate of her favorite sushi and she started telling me geeky stuff about the history of Japanese food. She told me that the real wasabi in Japan looked different and tasted quite spicier. I was trying to impress her so I put a chunk of wasabi in my Kikkoman where I generously dipped my sushi. Apparently the wasabi was too much for me to handle. I probably turned tomato red while trying my best to down it.

“Are you okay?” she asked in a very concerned tone. I couldn’t take the heat so I had to spit it out on a tissue paper. She looked grossed out by my gesture while I flushed in embarrassment.

We never had a second date.
Johnny, by email

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Illustration Gilbert Daroy
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