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Scoreboard Confessions: FHM UK Asked Girls How Many Guys They've Had Sex With

Have you ever asked a random girl, "Miss, <em>naka-ilang</em> sex partner <em>ka na</em>?" Never? Neither have we. Which is why we salute our ballsy brothers over at <em>FHM</em> UK. Here are the results of their highly inquisitive survey!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 8, 2015
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Filipinos don't exactly come up to women, asking: "Hey girl, how many guys have you done it with?" At a minimum, you'll get slapped. In worse cases, you might get apprehended for harassment. Hey, we're supposed to be conservative, remember?

In more progressive parts of the world, you might just get an honest answer. Just ask the fellas from the FHMMothership at the United Kingdom. They did it. They went around, asking girls for their "magic number,"and actually got real numbers (or an approximation, at the very least).

Hoping to clarify important life questions such as "Should a man be more promiscuous than a girl?" and "Do girls like promiscuous men?" the team went out and had girls write out their number and spill the juicy details. These are some of them. The big gist though? Women like men who have a bigger magic number than they do.Our advice: bust out the lothario hat, buddy. 

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Laura, 33, London

“I’m happy to say my number is five, sure. A guy’s number? I’d be OK if he was double me, so 10.”

Maria, 20, Russia

“I think my number is average for my age, but I wouldn’t be shocked if a guy told me he was at nine.”

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Charlie, 27, Nottingham

“I don’t mind at all what a guy’s number is. Maybe between 20-30? I wish mine was slightly less, though!”

Alexis, 22, USA

“Sex is special, not just something to do at the weekend. Ideally, a guy would come in between four and seven.”

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For more of these prim princesses, check out the FHM UK site.

Along with these women, they also surveyed 10,000 dudes about their magic number. These were some of the most interesting facts:

- The most common response was 11 to 20, for which 20 percent (around 2,000 dudes) vouched for, with 18 percent admitting to have had 1 to 5 sex partners. 

- On the extreme side of things, seven percent of those surveyed bragged that they've slept with more than100 women...

- ...Which might be dubious because 60 percent believed that it's OK to lie about your number.

So what's your magic number, fellas? One? Five? 20? 100? And do you think it's time we do a Pinoy/Pinay version of the survey? Sleep around now, so when the time comes for that questionnaire, you've got a number your balls can be proud of.

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