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FHM X Promo Winners

<p>Congratulations to all the winners of FHM X Promos!</p>
| Apr 6, 2010
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While the merry month of March went by just like that, it didn't speed through without the requisite parties and after-parties and goodie bags and prizes. [firstpara]  Yes, that's right. FHM's 10th Anniversary was peppered with promos, promos, and more promos. And finally, after the last bottle had been bottomed up and the guest has sobered up, here we are with the winners.

But first, we'd like to thank you for making FHM's 10th Birthday such a fun party. It wouldn't have been so without you folks so muchas gracias! To the folks who kept on joining and trying their luck with the FHM X: 100 Days Promo, thank you. To those who won invites to the birthday bash, we hope you had a great time.

And to the people who joined the 25 Hottest FHM Babes of the Decade, hoping to win one of the ten (10) one-year subscription, thanks guys. That was a quick joyride.

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And so, without further ado. We'd like to congratulate Wes Lopena. He is the lucky bastard who won much-anticipated Day 1 of FHM X: 100 Days promo. Yep, that's the guy who has in his hands, the complete 10-years'-worth of FHM Philippines.

FHM's Editor-in-Chief Allan Madrilejos carefully went through the eight pages worth of answers for the Day 1 question. He found Wes' answer to be the most, well, moving of the lot.

"All the money and the sweat devoted from my college days since year 200 will be redeemed, as they will replace my damaged collection submerged for three months by the waters of Laguna de Bay because of Typhoon Ondoy," wrote Wes.

As for the 25 Hottest FHM Babes promo, well, nobody got all 25. The highest scorer is Martin Punchihewa, who got 20 out of 25. The rest played got around 17-18 correct answers. Congratulations to you all.

They swung by FHM HQs right at the end of March to claim their prizes and do some camwhoring, as well. Because it was Holy Week, some winners weren't able to drop by. So consider this a shout out: Please swing by FHM as soon as you can. We need your details, dudes.

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If you care to see how happy the winnersare, below are their mugshots. To those who joined but have not won yet, keep on joining. Who knows, your mugshot may just appear next time.

Cheers to your all! And congrats!



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