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FHM's Babe Catalogue

<p>Looking for the one made easier!</p>
| Oct 20, 2009
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And no, this is not what we hinted at yesterday. But this is just as awesome, too. [firstpara] Kids, we bring you, the FHM Babe Catalogue! What could this be, you may wonder. Well, it's something of a babe library, if you may, where you can find all the lovely ladies who've graced the pages of the magazine and the website.

Suddenly caught the Assunta de Rossi bug? Missing Myles Hernandez? Patricia Javier? But not quite sure when they've appeared? The FHM Babe Catalogue is the answer to your burning prayer. It's laid out alphabetically for easier browsing, searching, researching, and what not.

Yes we hear you. It's like the card catalogue. Only more fun. And more useful. So what are you waiting for? Head on out to the FHM Babe Catalogue and enjoy! Happy searching!

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