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FHM's Complete Guide to Voting

<p>Five pages of things you need to know as a registered voter</p>
| May 5, 2010
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Over 50 million Filipinos will be experiencing a new method of voting system come election day. That's 50 million first timers, which also means 50 million voices asking how, what, and who. Well, we did all the asking and the researching for you, so that all you'll have to do is think about the more important things, like say, who you will elect come May 10.

This is, incidentally, what our May cover girl Angel Locsin asks you to do in the clip below:

Now that Angel has inspired us to take the elections a little bit more seriously, let's answer iron out possible distractions by setting straight a few questions.

What is this new automated voting election they are talking about?
They must be talking about the arrival of the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS). It is a machine that the Comelec is about to use for the first time in our election’s history.

What the PCOS does is fairly simple: it will read the marked paper ballots and tally the results.

In short, we're bidding adios to weeks and weeks of manual tallying. In a day or two, the whole country should be able to have a comprehensible idea of who won the elections and by how much margin, thanks to the PCOS.

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So what’s the indelible ink for, if the voting system is already automated?
Basic rules still apply: You can only vote once, and the indelible ink marked on the forefinger indicates that a person has already voted.

The introduction of the PCOS machine does not eliminate the chances of double voting; it only merely speeds up the tallying and confirmation process of each ballot.

If anything, Comelec officials are even planning on strengthening their inks this year by 20%, since there have been several instances in the past where some voters easily erased the indelible ink off their fingers.

And then there’s this EDCVL. What?
EDCVL pertains to the Election Day Computerized Voter’s List. Do not be overwhelmed by the complicated label, since the officials will be the one to operate it. This list simply confirms that you are registered.


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